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Review: Justice League: Generation Lost #3

One of the best books spinning out of Brightest Day.

Fire finds her old Checkmate allies turn on her while the rest of the unofficially-reformed JLI fend off a horde of OMACs.

The Good

Mind wipes and "restart buttons" have been used a lot in comics lately (I'm thinking, specifically, of Iron Man purging his own memories and Brand New Day) but the angle Winick using here is really compelling. I got a good Philip K. Dick mind-job paranoia vibe here, given how the JLI are faced by, for lack of better term, Maxwell Lord-deniers who aren't unreasonable "Big Brother"-types but good people with perfectly reasonable disagreements given the overwhelming amount of evidence mounted against these apparent conspiracy theorists. The whole opening with Fire getting evicted from Checkmate then subsequently chasing Lord and being framed for burning an innocent, was really frustrating in the best way - - Winick didn't cheat with the story logic or the character motivations.  I also liked the exploration of the new Blue Beetle powers here, especially with his handling of the OMAC's. Given time, he could be an even bigger player in the DCU. Dagnino does some great work that's evocative of Alan Davis at times and I was definitely impressed by Hi-Fi's coloring work. This is a well-produced book.

The Bad

I don't know if there's really much to complain about. This is solid superhero book. Maybe the only thing that takes this down is that it's getting kind of convoluted to have had such a big storyline about the fallout of Maxwell Lord's death, only to dredge it up all over again, but that's actually addressed in the story, itself, so it's negligible.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Out of all the Brightest Day offshoots, this is really the best. If you're already familiar with the classic JLI, you'll get an extra kick out of this, but you don't need to know anything about them to enjoy this. It's light without being overly jokey, serious without being overly dark and it builds upon past continuity without getting bogged down in it. And, like I said, the art is very sleek.
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Posted by greenenvy

 I was thinking of getting this because fire showed more of an appearance in this one. I am fan of fire and so do you think this is the latest comic for me to add to my collection for fire or just skip it until she appears even more than she's been appearing. This comic is bugging me whether to get it or not but because of fire thou.     

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Why does this cover make me think of that seen in the Bond movie where James undresses a woman with his magnetic watch, unzipping the back of her dress?
UGH, you just had to mention two evens in modern comics I despise. The Tony Stark convinient mind wipe of everything he did just before Civil War, and OMD/BND.
I guess DC just has a better grasp on the concept of redoing thing.

Posted by longbowhunter

I'm a JLI fanatic so this book for me was a must! Its great seeing some of the old team back together taking on Max. Wish Guy was onboard :(
Posted by Theodore

I'm loving this book so far!

Posted by TheBug

Love me some JLI. Happy to see the characters in the spotlight again.    
Posted by Green Flash

Pleasant surprise of Brightest Day and I would argue at this point, beating out it's bi-weekly counterpart.  Hopefully they'll both become solid by the end.

Posted by comicbookheretic

Agree with the rating.  I am enjoying this series much more than I thought I would!
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

I know they are trying to set up a hopeless situation for the JLI, but it bugs me that

I do like this comic, but that sort of bugs a little.