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Review: Incredible Hulk #610

Forget Hulkbusters... this title's a blockbuster.

With the Hulked-Out Heroes taken care of, Bruce Banner must face the difficult prospect of absorbing an inordinate amount of energy and possibly becoming the Hulk again... all to save Betty's life.

The Good

I had no idea the Incredible Hulk could be this much of a blockbuster. I've been a fan of Pelletier's for years and he has seriously upped his game in this title. His work here is just flawless and D'Amarta's colors put a gold sheen on what is already phenomenal work. Seriously, the intensity never lets up until it reaches a jaw-dropping crescendo with the double-splash of the Hulk's ferocious return followed by Skaar's long-awaited bid at revenge. I've been following the news and previews relating to this storyline, and I thought it was getting a little too silly to have all these Hulks running around, but Pak's execution of the concept is truly thrilling. This really felt like some epic folk tale for the nuclear age, populated with a true menagerie of monstrous creatures and larger-than-life personalities. Also, having read the "Death of Betty Banner" storyline that capped off Peter David's legendary Hulk run, I was really glad to see plot threads from those issues finally tied up, here.

The Bad

While I did like the mythic tone to the Son of Hulk back-up feature, I felt that the art was a little under-detailed for my tastes, especially when put in comparison to Pelletier's phenomenal work in the feature.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

The Hulk seemed to be one of those characters whose story possibilities had been utterly exhausted, so I give respect to this creative team that's not only found a fresh angle, but also executed it in a way that's genuinely thrilling. This felt like a blockbuster. I'll say that a hundred times. Do yourself a favor and get this title - - you'll feel like you're on the ride for a spectacle of truly Earth-shattering stakes.
Posted by Icon

I couldn't agree more. This series is great right now. 

Posted by Kowalczyk

I havent read hulk in a while but everything I've heard lately sounds good, is this a good jumping on point?

Posted by geraldthesloth

Greg Pak is the freaking boss when it comes to these Incredible titles.

Posted by shawn87

im still playing catch up with all the Hulk comics...i started seeing all these different Hulks and had no idea what is going on but it sounds like its getting positive feedback so im gonna have to get caught up and get all the Hulk issues

Posted by greenenvy

Now this is a hulk epic for sure. Come on people forgive these hulk stories because right about now its now worth it,  so jump her because its his official return oh yeah. Hulk maniacs smash!!!  

Posted by jrocco07

FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for the Hulk's return, AND IT ROCKS!!

Posted by chris thompson
@Jrocc07 said:
"FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for the Hulk's return, AND IT ROCKS!! "
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Ya its good? Crazy, i stoped reading Hulk after WWH cuz i hated all the jeph loeb red hulk crap. Is this a jumping on piont? or am I gonna be really confussed while reading this? So happy Greg pak is writing this! Hes awesome

Posted by greeneagle

Finally the return of the Real McCoy

Posted by EisforExtinction

I think I'm going to have a Hulk reading party this weekend. I still have issue from Fall of the Hulks to read.

Posted by danhimself

WOW this issue was AWESOME!!!!  I can't wait for the next issue!!!!

Posted by DEGRAAF
@Zack Freeman: 
          I totally agree with everything you said. I loved this issue. Ive been waiting for a true battle between Skaar and hulk since the Son of Hulk Series. I dont think im gonna get a real one in hte next issue either but it was so cool to see that hulk again (which i took it as the World Breaker Hulk, let me know if i am wrong) and the fully powered, trained and ready to go Skaar with the Old Power. I was knida suprised that Samson gave his life, What made him switch from bad to good again?
          I agree about the detail in the Hiro back series also, the questions i had tho were what happened to his powers, i thought he had them even tho he was transported somewhere else and so now does he have the powers of the son of Hulk anymore that he gained at the end battle with Galactus or is he only powered by this living planet? I love the new soldiers he has, i have a feeling the planet has a hidden agenda and what does he mean the Old power isnt corruptive and Hiro knows it? Is it really that Hiro just wants to be the last one in the Multi-verse to have control of the Old power? The back issue thru out alot of questions to say the least but i love Hiro and Skaar and i cant wait till all the Hulks are together.
its probably the best point to jump on if you dont want to start where you left off. The two things you might want to know is who Red hulk and Red She hulk is but other than that u dont really need to know the rest, (they tell you who red-she-hulk is tho)
I really didnt like the HOH isues and felt like it was just a bunch of filler but this last one made up for all of them bc it was great, i was so happy and excited to see the hulk back at his full potential 
@Kowalczyk said:
"I havent read hulk in a while but everything I've heard lately sounds good, is this a good jumping on point? "

its not the greatest spot to jump on but if you pick up this comic it will give you everything you need to know to follow along except for one which is for some reason since they announced who the red hulk is he hasnt shown up and i havent even seen a mention of him 
Posted by jrocco07