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Review: Hulk #25

New creative team!

Red Hulk has been captured, but not forgotten as Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers have greater plans for him. Sadly, not all of Earth's Mightiest Heroes realize that Red Hulk is working for the good guys now.

The Good

The Loeb era Rulk is over and the Jeff Parker era begins. I've heard time and time again that people (not me though) just didn't enjoy Loeb's run on the book. Now, we have Jeff Parker writing the book, who is a solid writer and he writes books that are just plain fun to read, especially the back-up in this issue, featuring A-Bomb. There are some interesting character developments in this issue that seem like they'll be driving the series for a while. Rulk can't go back to being Thunderbolt Ross because Ross is dead. His old life is gone for now, so he must stay powered up until it's straightened out. And as we find out, as much as he tries to be a hero, not every real hero is down with that, or even believes him. This will hopefully be the focus of this book because it's really interesting stuff.

The Bad

As much as I enjoyed the art in this issue, it didn't fit the writing. Maybe it's because when I think about Jeff Parker's work, I go to the New Exiles book, which only ran 6 issues. His writing, mixed with a more cartoony style, may just be what I'm used to, so putting him together with Gabriel Hardman, who is a great artist, is something that will take some time to get used to. There's a lot of set-up in this issue, since it's the beginning of a new story arc, so be prepared.

The Verdict 3.5/5

It is a solid book. It's very good, but if you're a Jeff Parker fan, things are going to feel a little foreign. It will take time to become adjusted, not only to the Parker and Hardman team-up, but the fact that Loeb isn't writing the book anymore. I have a great feeling that this will become a serious and very good run under Parker and Hardman. 
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Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!
Posted by sora_thekey

I'm a Jeff Parker fan... but not a Rulk fan... so I'll probably pass!
The cover looks awesome though!

Posted by War Killer

Despite what people say, I like Red Hulk, he's a cool villain (and yes, I like him more as villain and hope that this all ends with him staying that way because he is an epic Marvel villain in my opinion, we already have Hulk, we don't need another one fighting for good, lets give the heroes something powerful to fight instead of making Hulk rampage....because that gets old after a while) But I do admit I like that Steve is giving him a second chance, like he did with Victoria Hand after Siege, it just shows how kind Steve is to even villains and is willing to give them a chance instead of simply writing them off as bad. And I love that cover! Iron Man looks freaking epic!!! ^_^

Posted by pinchpaker29

I really love that cover, I saw it in a preview weeks ago and I really dig it! I imagine Iron Man beating the crap outta Rulk while saying "this one is for wasting people's money, KPOOOWW!" 
"this is for the year that people kept on guessing who you are mofo! KBLAAAM!"
 hehe I dont like Rulk, but i'll be picking this up. :)

Posted by Man of Lengend

hahahaha i bought this just to see iron man kick his ass and i was not disappointed :)

Posted by ramenshamen

is this a good jumping on point
Posted by ComicStooge

So, Rulk got an @$$ whoopin'?

Posted by goldenkey

what else has Parker done that worthy of checking out.  Loeb is hit or miss.  No in between.  I don't mind Rulk as a character.  The idea that when Ross turn into him an loses his mustache is just soooo lame.  Now I don't picture Rulk with a stache but have Ross shave. 

Posted by warlord1234

I'm glad you like Jeff Leob. Before i felt like an outsider because a lot of people did not like his run on Red Hulk. It was becoming crazy because people tried to give intellectual reason why the story suck. They logical and rational approach was nothing but a mask to hide the fact that they did not like the story it was just they options. When someone likes the story the people that disagree with it try to make a debate out of it. You can not make a debate about why the person should not like the story because it is people options likeing something is not steam from logical conclusion so don't expert a person to concede.

Posted by rouju
@pinchpaker29:  lol!!!!
BTW ; how come Ironman finished him while Thor and other can't when they first met?
Posted by Vermis

And as we find out, as much as he tries to be a hero, not every real hero is down with that, or even believes him.  

 This is why I'm enjoying Jeff Parker's arc.  He's like a serious Deadpool.  Well, semi-serious.  I'm a sucker for redemption stories in general, particularly when ex-villains quietly earn and pay for it, like poor old Thunderbolt's doing right now.  Boy is he paying for it.
Art: yeah.  It could benefit a lot from tighter inking and less washed-out colours.  The Red Hulk starts to look like the Pink Hulk in places.
Goldenkey: of all the complaints about Rulk I've heard, 'his moustache disappears' has got to be one of the... lamest.

 Before i felt like an outsider because a lot of people did not like his run on Red Hulk.

 My brother.
Posted by Gambit1024

I really like what Parker's doing here. I've never read any of his work prior to this arc, so the art wasn't a problem for me. I'd give this at least a 4/5.