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Review: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #2

Guy Gardner... What more could you want?

Guy Gardner, Arisia, and Kilowog team up for a secret mission, but there's a few stops they have to make first.

The Good

This is the Green Lantern Corps book! No offense to the current series, but it has lost its stride. This book has everything I want from a GLC book: Guy Gardner, Kilowog, and lantern corps members going on missions, no matter how small. It must be incredibly hard to write a Green Lantern book at the moment considering, over the past 6 years, the corps has dealt with Hal coming back, Sinestro forming his own corps, the Light Wars, and the Blackest Night event. It must be hard to tell a compelling story after all of that and I give Peter Tomasi tons of credit for putting a smaller scale story together and making it great. I love the fact that each member of this team has their own smaller agenda, yet they all fight for the same cause. This is a very solid book, writing and art.

The Bad

A new villain is introduced, and it's hard for me, as a huge Green Lantern fan, to get excited because, as I said before, with all these grandiose stories that have happened over the past few years, it's hard to find a threat on that level. This villain, named Zardor, wants to destroy the Green Lantern Corps, much like every other villain. It's the only thing I had a problem with during this book, everything else was amazing.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This book is a lot more personal to three of the Corps members more than anything else, which is something the Green Lantern books needs a little more of to remain fresh. There's a great scene where a new recruit talks to Kilowog about joining the GLC and Kilowog goes off on him about death and fighting, and it's little things like that, which we get a lot of, that make this book so much more personal to the individual characters, and flat-out great. Green Lantern fans, you need this book. It's highly recommend!
Posted by Sexy Merc

I'm so glad I started picking this up. The only Brightest Day related thing I'm buying until the hardcovers get released. This already tops Blackest Night for me.

Posted by Theodore

Getting this today!

Posted by King Saturn
I think I will check this out...
Posted by PrinceIMC

I've never been a huge Guy Gardner fan but I do like his characterization here and Kilowog and Arisia's reasons for going with him are great.

Posted by akelatal

Sorry; isn't it Kilowog with an "o"?

Posted by ShomyCar092

I like the series so far.... Hope they keep this up... :D

Posted by Bobby X

I cant wait to read this
Posted by inferiorego
@akelatal said:
" Sorry; isn't it Kilowog with an "o"? "
oops... I'm a terrible Green Lantern fan...
Posted by longbowhunter

I'm a big Guy fan and that was my only reason for initially buying this book. After two issues I've gotta say this title is a keeper. I thought I'd miss Gleason's art more, but I'm really liking  Pasarin's clean lines. He does a Corps book justice. I too feel the main villian is weak, but this title stars 3 of my favorite lanterns. Hope to see Sodam Yat soon!
Posted by Pizawle

It is nice for me to have a new GL series even though it does still reference the past heavily.  Will take me until November to get caught up on regular GL.

Posted by RATZGobbler

This Zardor guy looks glows of Orange Lantern, in fact I'm quite inclined to predict him as the Guardian for the Capricious Corps, or seeing as he's kidnapping those eggheaded pygmies, maybe they will be forced to act as guardians. Doubtful though since they were devoured by snakes. "Why'd it have to be snakes?"

Posted by NightFang

I need to read this!