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Review: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1

This is how all Green Lantern books should be done.

Guy Gardner forms a new expeditionary force, the Emerald Warriors, to pro-actively seek out trouble throughout the darkest corners of the galaxy. While his new venture gets the Guardians' blessing, he still has to deal with a lingering quagmire of problems involving Atrocitus, the Black Lanterns' prophecy book and the still-unresolved fate of Sodam Yat.   

The Good   

Tomasi and Pasarin have an absolute command of storytelling. There's the proper amount of build-up and subtly throughout (like the tiny hint about Guy's Red Lantern resurgence) that makes big moments like the double-spread of the space ship's demolition appopriately jaw dropping. I haven't heard of Pasarin before this, but I'm going to keep my eye on him for now on, because his art's exceptional. It's got detail and scope while still keeping its lines clean and fluid. As I was for his run on Green Lantern Corps, I'm impressed by how Tomasi infuses these GL-related concepts with so much more weight, emotion, suspense and even intellectual stimulation than others have. Guy's new venture, the intrigue of the Book of the Black, Atrocitus' warped sense of tribute and the return of Sodam Yat (!) are all handled in such a concise, effective way. == TEASER ==

The Bad   

I'm not sure about the device of Guy using a digi-cam to record his periodic confessionals. I could understand it being necessary to express what's going on in his head if the title didn't already have captions for his narrative. As is, it comes across as a little too "reality TV" for my tastes.

The Verdict - 4.5/5  

If you're like me and you were disappointed that Tomasi was ending his stellar Green Lantern Corps run too soon, you'll be relieved to know that this title's picking up exactly where he left off on. There are a lot books focusing on the recently-expanded Green Lantern cosmology and his take continues to be, heads and tails above, the best execution of all of these concepts.     
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Posted by longbowhunter

Just picked this up. I'm a big Guy Gardner fan and couldnt say no to this title. Glad to know I didnt waste my $4.
Posted by Sexy Merc

I'm actually going to go out of my way to get this although I'm not interested in Brightest Day.

Posted by tensor

i like  guy so i will get it

Posted by Comiclove5

I liked this issue.

Posted by longbowhunter

Really dug issue one. I'm on board for #2. This series seems like it'll be on par with GL Corps.
Posted by GreenLantern555

It's awesome. Excited for more.

Posted by Mumbles

this will last about 20 issues if its an on-going series.  how much gl corps series do we need?

Posted by Pizawle


Edited by Aquamariner

I could not agree more. In this Issue, Tomasi manages to balance a bunch of well done action packed sequences, with smart and eloquent dialogue, and some introspection from guy. There's no GL Tomasi writes better than Guy! And Pasarin's Art? BEE--YOU--TEE--FULL!
Personally, I think this issue alone is in fact even better than anything Tomasi ever did on GLC (which had much to do with the fact that he was always weighed down by Johns' never ending blackest night shindig). 
Right now, Green Lantern is drowning in his own mythos. TOO many lanterns, TOO many colors. And Bedard is being nothing but lackluster in GLC.  
Here, Tomasi takes us back to the essence of a GL and reminds us why GLs are THE coolest cosmic police force in the DCU. So yean, THIS is indeed how ALL GL titles should be. 4.8 from me! 
Pick it up, you won't regret it!

Posted by spider-pig23


Posted by jimmyfakenae

 Guy Gardner was out-wolverining Wolverine since the early 80's.

Posted by Taylors005
@Mumbles said:
" this will last about 20 issues if its an on-going series.  how much gl corps series do we need? "
as many as it needs... maybe 1 for each of the GLs from earth 
if batman, 1 man, needs to be in 6+ titles. Then an entire Corps can have at least 3.
Posted by Video_Martian
@spider-pig23 said:
" Green Lantern: THE NEW WOLVERINE! "
Edited by NightFang

I'm not really a Guy Gardner fan, but  if the comic is that good then I have to pick it up!

Posted by NerdAlert

This issue was really good, and it didn't seem to have that drag that a lot of first issues have. It's good to see Guy staring in a monthly title and I'm really happy to see another Green Lantern title out there.
Posted by roxamilli

I don't really read any Green Lantern, but I do love Guy so I got this and loved it.