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Review: Green Lantern #59

Wait until you see the revelations in this one.

Hal Jordan has had his hands full trying to find the entities of the different lanterns. He's also had to make some strange alliances. It was only a matter of time until others started questioning his motives. 

The Good 

Let me start out by saying, "Whoa!" This issue blew me away, not once, but twice. Even though this is the "Green Lantern" book, we're continuing to see several members of the other Lantern Corps. There are some crazy and interesting revelations about theIndigo Tribe. Even though I had heard about one, seeing it on the page was a bit of a shocker.  
We also got some great interaction between Hal and Barry Allen. These two were friends before Barry's "death" and it's not surprising that he would be the one to call Hal on his new bed-fellows. A lot has changed since Barry died and Hal has to try to make him understand the dangers of the entities, especially since he did some vile things when possessed by Parallax.   
It's easy to take the writing and art for granted as you immediately get sucked in. I found myself engrossed and quickly turning the page to see what was going to happen next. Thinking about it afterwards, you really get a sense of awe and that there are big things happening here. With the announcement of the War of the Green Lanterns next February, you can't help but wonder if what Hal is doing now will be part of the cause.
And then there's the last page. Even though there is no way what happens will stick, it was unexpected and pretty darn cool.  

The Bad 

Waiting for the next issue.

The Verdict - 5/5 

This is a great time to be a Green Lantern fan. Even though this is supposed to be a book about just Hal Jordan and we're seeing so many other characters thrown in, it all works so nicely. The Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night set the bar for the epic Green Lantern stories and the action and fun continue to have a strong presence in this title. It's going to be a long wait until the next issue.        
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Geoff Johns never lets down 

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

Totally agree

Posted by Theodore

OH MY GOD! Just finished it, awesome!

Posted by PrinceIMC

Agreed. 5 out of 5. I love the Indigo Tribe revelation.

Edited by FadeToBlackBolt

It was just ok, imo. 6.5/10. A bit cluttered. Though that may also be due to my hatred for Barry Allen hogging Wally's spotlight. 

Posted by longbowhunter

Another solid read this month. I love a consistantly good book!
Posted by jakob187

Dood...HEAVY issue.  That last page was BEASTY!!!

Posted by mpgeist

Is it just me or is DC killing it this week?

Posted by lostlantern13
@mpgeist said:
" Is it just me or is DC killing it this week? "
Not just you. Every DC book I have read has been great.
Loved this. I know some were complaining about GL post-Blackest Night, but now we're starting to see all of those seeds starting to sprout. Really a fantastic issue. Between this and "The Flash," Johns really produced this week.
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt
@mpgeist said:
" Is it just me or is DC killing it this week? "
BATMAN! Freaking epic week.
Posted by Pizawle

New Guardians has been awesome!

Posted by mpgeist
@FadeToBlackBolt: On a scale of 1 to Batman I'd say it's been BatmanBatmanBatman.
Posted by NightFang
@haydenclaireheroes said:
" Geoff Johns never lets down  "
He could never let us down with these comics!
Posted by RemyLeBeau

Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow!

Posted by Eyz

Can't wait to check this one out~

Posted by Theodore

What a great week for DC! Batman The Return, Batman Inc, Batman 704, Brightest Day, The Flash, GLC, and Green Lantern! I love it.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

Two things irritated me about this issue:
1. The whole "Hal was infected by Parrallex" B.S. You'd think after Blackest Night, the GLs on Oa would have dropped that issue already. I mean, I couldn't believe they went there again.
2. Barry Allen hating on Ollie. Um, WHEN?!?! This is the JT Krul's craptastic contribution to "modernizing" GA and the world around him.

Posted by Jake Fury

When Johns brings it like this I am a happy fanboy.
Posted by chris.england8

Once again Geoff Johns gives us another jaw dropper!!!
Posted by Crimson Eagle
@G-Man: Why didn't you do a unscripted review for this?    
Posted by turtleboy81

Green lantern has been great. I love Geoff Johns and can't wait for the movie. Also thanks to dc for price drops on comics. 

Posted by JonesDeini
@Dr. Detfink:  
Honestly this was a down issue for me for multiple reasons. First, I don't  like Johns' inane portrayal of  Barry in this Book. I could've swore JT Krull's accursed name was no where on my cover. part of why I'm not reading current GA stories is because of his gross mis-characterizations of some of my favorite characters (Roy Harper especially) but NOTHING has been worse than his bastardization of Barry Allen. Since when was Barry such a judgmental, sanctimonious prick?! Pretty sure he MURDERED reverse Flash, never had such a negative (nearly hateful) view of GA, and the deciding vote to allow him to remain in the League was cast by... guess who?! Oliver mo' Flushin' Queen!!! It's  shame to see Johns' present Barry in the same way as that hack in this issue. Reading his dialog in this issue was just, well, painful for me. This IS NOT the Barry Allen I grew up with or the Barry Allen I've been reading since his return. I swear this guy is from the same universe as Miller's All Star Batman...honestly I've never seen a writer have two such disparate takes on the same character, in the same week.  
Also, honestly NOTHING HAPPENED IN THIS ISSUE, aside from the last page which I won't spoil. G-Man, that "big reveal" on the Indigo tribe has been painfully obvious to me for a while. It's even strongly hinted at toward the end of Blackest Night, folk.  And that little "Clash" of the Corps toward the end of the issue had about as much tension to it as a Saturday night sissy fight. Ultimately this is the worst Green Lantern Issue I've read during this Run. What's so great about Johns' writing is his ability to take "traditional" heroes and add the right amount of pathos to them to make them relate and appeal to a modern audience without being deconstructionist. But in this issue, none of that is present to me. I honestly think that this issue (and a few Brightest Day Issues) serve as proof that DC's having him mass produce titles is having an adverse effect on him.