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Review: Green Arrow #3

The Brightest Day Tie-in continues!

Green Arrow is dead... or is he? What's going on with the forest in the center of Star City? Who the heck is Galahed?

The Good

This book is less about Green Arrow this issue and more about what's happening to the forest. It's kind of cool to see the characters sit in the back seat to a location. It happens occasionally, and it's cooler than seeing the same "good guy beats bad guy" story we get weekly from every other book. There's a lot of great back story about the new woman in town who took over Queen Industries, and who this mysterious Galahed is and what he's doing there. This is still a very solid book because of the great writing of JT Krul who has a great handle on who Green Arrow is, much better than most writers who have tried to tackle the character. The last few pages of this issue really pick the story back up and make it fun again.

The Bad

What started out as an amazing series is already slowing down a little for me. There's a lot of backstory and side stories going on in here, and it was just a bit boring compared to the last two issues. I'm excited to see where it goes, but it really felt like this book didn't really go anywhere.

The Verdict 3.5/5

It may have lost steam, but this book is still great. I have a feeling it will pick up next issue, since this was a bit of back story that just needed to be told. If you're reading the book now, you'll want to keep your run going with this book. As for everyone else, it's hit or miss depending on whether you like the character. This is also a very good tie-in to Brightest Day. It explains a good amount about the white light and how it effects the world around the heroes.
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Posted by Caligula

that cover is awesome

Posted by N7_Normandy
@Caligula said:
" that cover is awesome "
agreed.  I just picked this issue up; can't wait to read it
Posted by shawn87

that cover is sick. I love the Green Arrow

Posted by Bandito

I can't believe I haven't seen more outrage over that cover.  Does DC just not want younger readers to even look in the direction of their comics anymore?

Posted by Pizawle

Aww, I was expecting it to get even better.

Posted by longbowhunter

I've stuck by Green Arrow through the good times and the bad. Agreed this story was somewhat pointless, but I like the fact Krul is helping Oliver develop a supporting cast of rogues and allies. Excited to see J'onn in next month's issue.
Posted by Amegashita

  Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters, and I'm so glad we finally got a writer that understands his character and what makes him tick.  ' Bout time.

Posted by ForbushBug

Hee hee.... "Galahed."

Posted by doordoor123

i thought this was a great issue. A lot of questions thrown into the air. Apparently comic fans dont like questions. Very impatient people. Questions are just as important as answers to me. Just as Brightest Day was being set up, Green arrow is being set up for what seems to be something great. This issue filled my apetite quite well.
Posted by GraveSp

I'm kinda wondering when the brightest day tie in for this series is going to end and we get back to just straight green arrow.

Posted by danhimself
@Bandito said:
" I can't believe I haven't seen more outrage over that cover.  Does DC just not want younger readers to even look in the direction of their comics anymore? "
get over it....DC's main line of books isn't meant for young children and their covers should reflect that instead of having kids get books and be surprised by what's in the interior
Posted by ElRolas

 like they say, dont judge a book by its cover

Posted by Eyz

So it's still good but less "fun", right?
I'll be pickin' this up in a TPB anyway :P

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I do have to disagree with your second to last sentence to a degree. I have never like Green Arrow at all, but I love the hell out of all 3 issues so far.

Edited by NightFang
@shawn87 said:

" that cover is sick. I love the Green Arrow "

              Agreed, Their should be more covers like this one.
Posted by roxamilli

Still one of my favorite titles in DC or Marvel