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Review: Cable #25

The best comic of the week, and it's the last issue?

Deadpool takes readers on a "behind the scenes" look at his secret role in the Messiah Complex storyline.
I haven't read any of Swierczynski's work before, but I'll definitely look for his name after this, because this was probably the funniest superhero comic I've read in as long as I can remember. Deadpool's sense of humor is notoriously hard for writers to nail. Many try, few nail it. And Swierczynski nails it to the wall right here in a spotless storytelling dance with Paco Medina. I was laughing at Deadpool and pumping my fist for Cable's bad-assry in this, and it's hard enough to do just one of those things in a comic.
I can't believe this series is ending. This was my first issue reading it and it seems like it'll be the last in the series? If that's a case, it's a real shame, because I would have looked forward to reading next month's issue.
Out of all the comics I read this week, this was definitely the best. Pick it up if you want a belly laugh and rush of adrenaline from some well-executed action.
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Posted by sora_thekey

Will read!

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

this was an oddball alright. pretty funny, but not too out there either.
odd series end for Cable though. i thought it would have given us a little more of
him, and maybe a back-up story.

Posted by mattydeNero

This series has ended for a reason.   
One Will Die
Posted by Grendel

Eh. It was alright.
And Cable's only reason for traveling to the past in now officially Hope? Not the Twelve? Not Apocalypse? Not forming X-Force?
Nah. That's a flimsy retcon.

Posted by sora_thekey

I was just thinking that this issue did what Blackest Night did with their Tie-Ins...
After a long time of being canceled they brought one issue after and didn't start with number one, just continued from where it was left off.
That's what should be done when a series is starting over from the canceled series:

 Issue #136
 Issue #135
 Issue #133
 Issue #134
Posted by doordoor123

i think i want to read this now. lol

Posted by jordama
Actually it has been pointed out on another forum that there is a comic that takes place after the major X-Men death and Cable is crucial. Also in the Second Coing Prepare, Cable is in the second to last story, the X-Men has already died at that point.
Posted by Man of Lengend

totally the best tcomic that week i loved this comic!!   Deadpool spot on( use swords more and perfect)... cable totally serious and fun to watch them bounce off eachother still ... makes me miss cable deadpool ongoing
Posted by Aerik

BFF's 4eva!!!

Posted by thatlad

I was a little confused about the Predator X, if Deadpool killed it then where'd the other one come from that fought the x-men?  
Still that's nitpicking, it was a very good issue. Good swansong for the cable series. I've been following it for a while and this is exactly what's been missing. A bit of fun!