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Review: Batman: Brave & The Bold, Season One Volume One DVD

Now you can watch the first half of season one if you haven't already watched the episodes (for whatever crazy reason).

Let me begin by saying I love Batman: The Brave and the Bold. On August 17, Warner Video released Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Season One, Part One. What is going to be the biggest complaint? This release doesn't contain the entire first season. It is unfortunate but the greatness of the show can help you overlook this fact. 
The show clearly has a Silver Age feel to it with subtle modern elements. There is no doubt in my mind that Diedrich Bader will always be one of the top Batman performers in my book. The show may appear to be geared towards a younger crowd but don't let the animation style or bright colors fool you. There are clearly bits to the show that aren't quite fit for the younger viewers.  
 == TEASER == 
Besides the clever homage style to the show, you have to acknowledge the bold move the show's producers take with each episode. There have been so many characters in this show that you wouldn't expect to see like Gentleman Ghost, B'wana Beast, Etrigan, Ocean Master, Kanjar Ro and so many others. Of course the brilliance of reoccurring appearances by John DiMaggio as Aquaman and James Arnold Taylor as Green Arrow have to be acknowledged as well. 
While this release only contains the first 13 episodes, the smaller price might make it more accessible versus the price of a complete season. The DVD does retail for $19.98, you can buy it at places like Amazon for under $16.  
I also have to mention the fact that there aren't any special features included here. Then again, what special features would there be? For me, I'm mainly interested in the episodes.  
Without a doubt, I give the series a 5 out of 5. It's a different look at Batman in animated form. People always compare this series to Batman: The Animated Series. That was a great show but we can't just have the same thing over and over again. This series has been a refreshing change. Unfortunately this release doesn't score as high. The quality of the episodes and the numerous guest appearances do make it a worthy addition to your collection. I'm sure we can assume that someday a complete collection will be available. It's simply a matter of do you or can you wait that long. If you have fifteen bucks to spare, why not spend it on close to five hours of quality entertainment? 
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Posted by Neverpraying

Batman the brave and the bold was alright but not the greatest.

Posted by Aria_belle

I have been waiting for this release, not only for my hephews, but for myself. I think it is a great way to introduce children to superheros. It also is the only version of Aquaman that I like ^^

Posted by Question08

I love this show. SO MANY IN-REFERENCES!
Posted by longbowhunter

The thing I loved most about this show was its originality. It wasnt trying to be Batman the Animated Series or anything other than what it was. All the great obscure characters kept me coming back each week. Diedrich Bader was an outstanding Batman. Almost as good as his Hoss Delgado.
Posted by ImperiousRix

Absolutely loved the show.  Once I get some actual spending cash, I'm gonna have to pick this up and put it right next to my Justice League Unlimited DVDs.

Posted by roxamilli

OUTRAGEOUS! Aquaman was the best Character.
Posted by Darkmount1

I really like this series. I just found out that in an interview, Andrea Romano revealed that in a few upcoming episodes, Tim Conway will play the villain the Weeper and Tippi Hedren will play Queen Hippolyta.

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

Batman Brave and Bold is like mold, it grows on you.  Even if you don't like it to begin with after a while, it all starts to get familiar and you love it.  I absolutely hated it the first few episodes but after about five, I grew to like it.  Thank god, it used to be on a lot; otherwise I would have never gotten into it.  It is disappointing that all of season 1 isn't in this package.  Seems kind of like a money grab.  I think CN, needs to get their stuff together with their super hero shows; their support seems to be consistently all over the place.  For a while a show will be featured and supported, then it starts to get ignored, and pretty soon it;s canceled. and your like,  
"Hey what happened?" 
   Problem is, by the time most of these shows get canceled they are 1000 times better than they were when they started.  Like Justice League Unlimited.  That show was so good the final season and then it just ended.  It was like,  
"No more good Super Hero show for you!" 

Posted by Midrunner

Not a fan of the brave and the bold. The voice acting is horrible, makes batman sound like an idiot. Wish they would have continued the justice league series but instead they give us this. Oh well 

Posted by atomicrobo5

I picked it up even though I hate it when they release seasons in parts like this.  

Posted by LiamRawson

What a bloody rip off. Going to wait for the whole season. A great cartoon.

Posted by hdorman1
@roxamilli said:
" OUTRAGEOUS! Aquaman was the best Character. "

Posted by the referee

looking forward to buying it

Posted by DeadlyWolverine

I'm not buying the series in parts, especially skimpy parts like this release. I'm waiting for the blu-ray release with the complete show to come out.