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Review: Batman #704

Monkey kings and cat girls abounding.

As Batman tries to convince Catwoman to take her sidekick out of the picture, the Wayne foundation's property in Crime Alley is target by a mysterious outfit of Asian assassins.

The Good

Daniel totally gets these character; so much so that I was seriously hearing Kevin Conroy and the rest of the animated series cast talking in my head as I read the dialogue. I even had some strange new voice for Damian, even though he's never had a voice actor. Also, as somebody familiar with Taoist/Buddhist stories, I so enjoyed seeing a villain modeled after the Monkey King.

The Bad

While I liked the dynamic she added to the ongoing power play between Catwoman and the the Bat clan, I do think the addition of Catgirl into the mythos has possibly pushed the "family" aspect of these books into the realm of the excessive and ridiculous. There's already a Catman, of course - - are we eventually going to be introduced to a Catboy and a Catmite to round things out?

The Verdict - 4/5

I don't know why I was expecting not to like this. Maybe it's just because I've been so enamored with what Morrison's doing in Batman & Robin that I'm skeptical of anybody else's take on these characters. With that in mind, I was really pleased to find a rock solid superhero title here. Daniel's art has an impressive mix of modern flash and classical fundamentals, and his writing's just as sharp.
Posted by NightFang


Posted by Eyz

Woah! Looks like a solid issue!

Edited by SmoothJammin

Is this Dick's book or Bruces? Either way I'm picking it up.

Posted by Baron_Emo

Hey that sounds pretty cool. 

Posted by G-Man
@SmoothJammin: It's Dick. He'll have the outfit with the black bat-symbol and Bruce will have the yellow one. 
Posted by antiterra

I was wondering when they'd bring back Kitrina. Amidst all the big, momentous changes in the Bat family, this could prove to be an interesting, more low-key storyline to follow.

Posted by brewski420

loved this issue

Posted by Pizawle

Sweet. Am loving how major Batman feels right now.

Posted by roxamilli

Looks good! I'll have to pick it up on Saturday.