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Review: Adventure Comics #12

A simple story that's simply appealing.

Superboy plays hooky in the most fantastic way possible by spending a day with the Legion of Superheroes.

The Good

You know, I couldn't help but smile like a goof after reading this. It's a really simple story about Superboy just having fun with his super-friends in the future, going through a short checklist of things he's always wanted to do in the present, but couldn't because of his superpowers. Of course, in a future where practically everybody's super-powered, he's free to finally to enjoy simple pleasures like playing baseball, having fun a party or kissing without his glasses on (the meaning of that actually plays out rather amusingly in a cute scene with Phantom Girl.) This fits in with some of the best annual or one-shot stories, like the classic zero issue from Mark Waid's Flash run - - shorts that are more like good children's books in how they focus on simple, quiet incidents in these superhero's lives. Even though a story like this doesn't have Earth-shattering stakes or intense drama, it's still very appealing. You can't help but feel like a kid again, yourself, after following Superboy's small "coming of age" incidents here, and Sharpe's clear, crisp works adds to that pleasant mood.

The Bad 
It's a specific nitpick, but the big panel introducing Superboy's baseball game with the Legion stuck out as looking a little under-rendered. The inks didn't quite mesh with the grass pattern for the field and Superboy even looks like he's fused into his baseball bat.

The Verdict - 4/5

There seem to have been a lot of Legion stories lately and I'd say this was definitely the best of the ones I've read so far. It's got charm and innocence without feeling like a dated throwback. Now that the focus in this title has shifted to the original Superboy, I hope this team continues to tell stories like this.
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Posted by danhimself

Loved this issue though I'm still unsure why DC gave the title to the Legion when they already have a book coming out and they're giving Superboy a new ongoing...doesn't make sense in my head
there was one panel where Superboy and Saturn Girl are flying through the city and she's looking over at him and it looks like her face is melting off

Posted by LP

Can't wait to get this one! I can't stand the cover art though, everyone looks stiff and malnourished... but I love the fun break stories.

Posted by FoxxFireArt


That cover looks like a  poorly arranged Calvin Klein ad. You know how I can tell? Everyone is a pretty teen sort, the girls look under nourished, and there no emotions on their faces, and there is only one person of color(green). 
Maybe these reviews should start including small samples from inside the books, because that cover does nothing for me.

Posted by iloverobots

Not sure what's gonna happen with Adventure now that Superboy gets his own series. This was a one shot and couldn't really be used as a launching point for new stories. Although the story was good, it just got me a little worried about the series.

Posted by mattydeNero

I liked this issue a bunch.  Kevin Sharpe, for one, is a local so I gotta give my props to him regardless.  I really liked his work on NOVA and it was a plesant suprise to see him throw his own feel to the old-school Legion. 


This was basically picking up where Superboy's first adventure with the Legion in Superman Secret Origin #3(I think) ended.  It was a fun read.  Those young ladies in the 31st Century really have a thing for Superman.

Edited by NightFang

This was very entertaining issue that I highly recommend reading.

Posted by copymanrules

give me cheeks or give me death whoa cause that's they are posing in the cover, i do like the interior art but on the cover seems bla. i hope this story lasts longer then the others and keeps on giving new stories not just the ones we saw on earlier in comics or on the tube.