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I thought it was brilliant! I don't think we were reading the same comics.

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Looks at the white board in the background.

11-12pm film
12-1pm lunch
2-3pm destroy all who oppose Red L.A.M.P
3-4pm G-man sighting at earthquake in Indonesia
4-5p Surf Forums
5:01pm Miller time!
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Well I really really do like Kick-Ass which is also written by Mark Millar. 

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I love the Fantastic Four series. Not sure how I feel about them having to pull Wolverine into another team, but besides that the Fantastic Four rock. It feels so old school.

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The Ultimates pt3 (not Loeb's work) also had a Silence of the Lambs reference to it when Hank visits Bruce in the SHIELD holding.
Millar probably is just overworked.

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Hopefully he's not too overworked.  FF has been off and on for me.  I do like that Marvel is trying to give it a strong team to actually do something with them.  Not sure how I feel about Valeria suddenly being a super-genius.  I'm also not so sure about this week's "Thing Got Engaged" issue.  Who thinks they'll actually make it to the alter?
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I actually think Valeria being a super genius was one of the cool things about what's going on now.

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They gave a shout out to Dr. Who and his TARDIS when she redesigned the ship.  I need her to come and do that for my office.

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The diamond thing was explained:  They used it for funds....

I love the book.

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I like a Comic fantastic four,but I will injoy Union for super heros marvel and fantastic four.

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Mr. Wilson said:
"The diamond thing was explained:  They used it for funds....

I love the book."
That's not what LAMP was talking about.  Johnny is just flying over and all you see is a mess on the freeway.  Somehow from that, he knew she stole diamonds.  From the panel, there was no way to know.
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BTW, the producer for the Wanted game said it was Mill-AR, not Mill-ER.

My favorite part of this video @ 1:35, Johnny "becomes girlfriends with a thief."  I even made Red LAMP say that using my psionic powers.

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i've really enjoyed this run so far

didn't logan or hawkeye say something about the fantastic four not being around for awhile or something like they were still expecting reed to come in and save the day like he used to and if banner in the fantastic four is logan's god son and bruce's great grandson how do you go from the hulk gang to banner....in other words i don't think the two timelines are the same