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Red Skull, Cap & Agent 13 Get Individual Attention In New Captain America Posters

I wish my vanity photos came out looking this good.

I wish my senior portrait had come out this good.

Everybody knows that this summer’s packed with more big “tentpole” movies than any previous year. If we were back in 2001, I feel like the CAPTAIN AMERICA marketing campaign would’ve reached saturation point well ahead of its release. In 2011, we’re a couple months away from the movie dropping and there hasn’t be a ton of advertising for it, yet. Not as much as I can see driving past billboards in LA, anyway. Perhaps we’re in store for a tighter and more focused campaign - - the special forces equivalent of brand awareness.

Either way, every big movie these days has to have its own series of character-specific posters. I really want to say the policy started with the first X-MEN movie, because it’d be a hoot if that movie started a trend that a flick like BRIDSEMAIDS is following, 11 years later. Regardless, we’ve got these one-sheets from Joblo that give some individual attention to Cap, Peggy Carter and the Red Skull. They’re more direct than all those edgy “the god of…” posters THOR had and less outlandish than GREEN LANTERN ones which put a lot more attention on aliens like Kilowog and Tomar Re. But that’s A-OK - - Cap’s a straightforward guy.

I do think it’s a little funny that Peggy’s poster just has her standing there without a gun in hand. All she’s packing is sass, I suppose.

Posted by VanTesla

Skull doesn't look as good in this pic...
Posted by ARMIV

Wow. Red Skull looks great! They did an awesome job with that Nazi scumbag!

Posted by Dracade102

AT LAST!!!!!!!

Posted by Decept-O

Looking good on all fronts!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Amazingly I think the Peggy Carter poster is the best looking one.

Posted by -Hesperus-

I love it when the first two posts on an article completely disagree with each other... xP 
I personally think Red Skull looks freaking AWESOME there. But they do need a little sign saying "DUDE IT'S HUGO WEAVING!" just to make sure the average movie-goer gets the message. I mean, who doesn't love Hugo?

Posted by Shadow_Thief
@-Hesperus-: I can just hear him saying "Americans are a virus..." ;)
Posted by Pacperson

I hate these boring poses =/ 
But they look good. lol "all she’s packing is sass"

Posted by Deranged Midget

Cap looks awesome! Great mix of Ultimate and 616.

Posted by Bestostero

Not a fan of the female lead...

Posted by pikahyper
@VanTesla said:
Skull doesn't look as good in this pic...
agreed, kinda looks like a still from a video game not an actual person.
Posted by LB70145

Agent Smith as Elrond as V as Megatron as Red Skull

Posted by maxicere

Red Skrull looks really great!! I don't like Captain America suit.... It's tooooo modern for the 40s

Edited by Jordanstine

Guessing it's mimicking the posters of the 1940's perhaps?


Posted by DoctorTrips

I have a fair amount of hope for the Cap movie, the Red Skull looks good, Cap works visually; he might even punch Hitler in the face. Good stuff.

Posted by KingLoki

That's one hot girl.
Skull looks awesome, though that pose is weird.

Posted by Emperormeister734

all nice 

Posted by StarKiller809

Red Skull.... looks kinda bad in the picture. I hope it turns out a bit better in the film.
Posted by cattlebattle

Love Cap.....Don't have a lot of faith in this movie

Posted by mark5
@Jordanstine said:
Guessing it's mimicking the posters of the 1940's perhaps?

I think so too. 
Posted by The Impersonator

Cool posters!

Posted by They Killed Cap!

hey has a big

these look goofy...  
but im still lookin forward to this movie!
Posted by cyberninja


Edited by Shaanyboi

Meh.... could've been better.  They could've classed it up a bit.  Given a bit more drama to these images.  All these characters are just standing there in very boring poses.   Maybe given a bit more mystery to the Red Skull's poster.  I mean add a little bit of mystery so you can't really see his face.  Add a bit of menace to it.  And yeah, that last poster is REALLY dumb. 

Hell, why not stylize it to look like the WW2-era artwork?  As it is, it just reminds me of those really bland Prince of Persia movie posters.

Posted by goldenkey

I think they look great.  Don't know having Peggy Carter on a poster sells the movie tho.  Captain America looks awsome but his mask look something I would have ripped off and said was to damn tight. 
Posted by shawn87

About time they release something else for this movie. All the other movies are getting all kinds of promotion and attention. For a minute I felt like this film was being neglected. 

Posted by Grim

.................... looks ok to me.

Posted by Dark Cell

Haha OMG!!! Red Skull looks so evil its awesome!
Posted by theicon
@LB70145: MR
Posted by Sammo21

As much as I am excited for this movie these posters are really bad photoshopping.  I mean, its readily apparent how bad it is.

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@Jordanstine said:

Guessing it's mimicking the posters of the 1940's perhaps?


Lang's Metropolis was from the 1940s now? Wow. Film school didn't benefit me at all. Heh.
Posted by TDK_1997

Looks very good
Posted by Out_of_Space

Awesome. I can't wait for this movie.

Posted by Icemizer

I like the Skull with the sole exception being he is not a Nazi anymore. It kind of makes him less evil when he is not proudly wearing the swastika armband.
Posted by War Killer

Thor's posters look better.
Red Skull looks weird like he's about to fall over O_o and if you don't know who Peggy Carter is, that poster is pretty pointless....
Still looking forward to the movie though.

Edited by Iridium

What is the Red Skull doing, catching flies? 

And what is the Human Torch doing dressed up at Captain America.
( yea, I still can't let go of that )

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

What that poster isn't showing you is that the Red Skull is grabbing his crotch and saying "bring it".

Posted by Loki9876

there are also 2 new tv-spots

Posted by capfan80

Did you notice the crisp HYDRA belt buckle on the Red Skull?  Nice detail.

Posted by Eyz

Agent 13?
Badass Red Skull!

Edited by UnclePappyWolf

Cool outfit...But why is the Human Torch dressed as Capt. America!? Love the Red Skull though ....Hugo Weaving was a great choice!

Posted by SlimJ87D

What about Bucky? He deserves more attention...