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"Red Robin" #3 Reviewed!

Babs takes a look at the latest issue...

Okay, so up until this point I had been really loving this series. Tim Drake has always been one of my favorite characters and when I found out that he may possibly have been teaming up with Ra's al Ghul, my all-time favorite super-villain, I got really excited. Top it off with stellar-writer Chris Yost, and you have the ingredients for a possible masterpiece. Unfortunately, as you can see, I was less than impressed by the very jumpy third issue in this series; which surprised me considering how much I enjoyed the two previous issues. This is a good example of writing that had poor direction, but the story is still inherently good. While I was not crazy about the third issue, I love Tim so I can not help but anticipate issue four. Did you guys read the issue? Do you disagree? Did you think it was good?
Posted by Odyssey_Dawn

Wasnt feeling this issue as much as the two before. But thats me. (needs more Ras)

Posted by Zombielunch

  Nice cover. Cool review, personally I'm not a fan of the direction the Batfamily is heading. Oh well.       

Posted by NightFang
@Zombielunch said:
"  Nice cover. Cool review, personally I'm not a fan of the direction the Batfamily is heading. Oh well.        "
Edited by Thespirit

What the hell? huntsman,,,,,,,wowww..... rlly do not like that in the dc universe. You're right, it rly doesn't fit, does it. Very very interesting cover though, simple but very symbolic.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I agree about the flashbacks. You shouldn't do them too suddenly without having some sort of indicator. I'm surprised their editors didn't catch that. Something that says it's so many months ago, or give the colors some kind of tint to separate the panels from the present.
I'm glad someone else noticed that was Batman's cowl on the cover. I thought it was a really lovely cover.  Reminded me of something out of Hellboy.

Posted by _brandon

i feel like this is all pointing towards tim becoming a quasi-bad guy. i'm kind of cringing with each issue...
Posted by The Crimson Nutcase

I wasnt to big of a fan of this one compared to the last two, but over-all i am liking the story 
Looking forward to improvements for the future issues... 
P. S 
I also noticed the going back and forth between past & present (with no indication), me not being a regularly Dc comics reader made me a bit confused of what was going on...

Posted by cascadeking09

 its funny when she said " he also thinks that dick..." i keep hearin it like she's cussin.

Posted by HaloKing343
@cascadeking09 said:
" its funny when she said " he also thinks that dick..." i keep hearin it like she's cussin. "

Ha ha... me too
Posted by Decept-O

Your review was absolutely spot on.  When I saw Huntsman jump out with the museum guards I immediately thought "Why is he there?  Why place him at the museum?  Also, WTF?"  I think Yost placed him there just as an excuse to have the League fight someone to show they are also involved but I think it could have been done differently or at a later point in the series.  Jumping around is an understatement.   
Additionally my problem was the interior art.  It was way too overinked, the colors muted, and some characters out of proportion.   I sound like a grump but I was let down with this issue.
The cover was nice, that I did like. I still like the character and his reasoning for his actions and some revelations concerning Batman.  I already have a good guess what he found in the box at the museum.   I will still keep with the series,  I am curious how this is going to be for Tim and the rest of the DCU--and this from someone who's never been a fan of the concept of Robin.
Posted by Sentinel of Magic

The Wild Huntsman was there because Tim was in Germany and the Wild Huntsman is a hero from Germany so it fits perfectly. Just because he isn't a street level villain doesn't mean he doesn't fit in a bat title.

Posted by fueljunky

The artwork really threw me off in this one. Why is TIm in his Red Robin suit in the flashbacks when in those he was still Robin. Also why aren't they drawing the scars on his face that he got in the fight with Jason? That would really make him look older.

Posted by Decept-O
@Sentinel of Magic said:

The Wild Huntsman was there because Tim was in Germany and the Wild Huntsman is a hero from Germany so it fits perfectly. Just because he isn't a street level villain doesn't mean he doesn't fit in a bat title.


 My point is that Huntsman had no business being at the museum.  Yes we're aware he's in Germany but who has a meta guarding a museum?  Whether its a Bat title or not it doesn't make sense it was over the top.
Posted by danhimself
Tim wore something similar to the Red Robin costume for an issue or 2 in the Robin series either during R.I.P. or right after I'm not entirely sure 
I want to know what he stole from the museum....My theory is that Bruce is leaving clues that he knows will end up in museums where someone will find them
Posted by burr787

I think that the skull on the cover is Bruce's skull.

Posted by MJ Styles

I loved the cover of this comic.  Babs, I'm so happy you pointed out the difference in the way Tim looks and the way he looks in the Red Robin costume.  It's always really annoyed me!  ARGH.

Posted by Comiclove5

I lthought I was the only one that liked this series. Wait I have the Comic, counting..... counting.....  counting.....    4 or 8 times depending on the way you counted it.
Posted by Skies327

Admittedly I'm pretty new to reading comics. I started recently due to Blackest Night, so I haven't gotten a whole lot of background for everything that's going on currently in DCU, but I really liked this one. I love the idea of a former Robin going off on his own on what seems to me to be a soul searching mission in the end, and he skims the line of being what he used to fight against. Anyone who doesn't believe what he does he cuts off, and now having Ra's pretty much backing him up whether he likes it or not makes it that much more interesting. 
So far I'm loving this series, and I eagerly await each new issue to see how it plays out. To me, if comics can keep being written like this one, I won't be a short-term reader.

Posted by Pistol Packin' Poet

I kinda wanna know why Tim is such a dick to Spoiler when she appeared and wanted to help him but when Cassie appears and tells him he needs help, he just goes on and vents to her. I mean doesn't Tim and Steph have some sort of relationship or did that fizzle out? Sorry, I haven't read the recent issues concerning Tim's last days as Robin.

Posted by RedRyan

I am enjoying some things about this comic and the prospect of Tim teaming up with Ra's is interesting.There are some things that I don't understand though,why would he adopt the Red Robin costume?Three issues in and we still don't know why Tim thinks Bruce is sill alive.As for The Wild Huntsman,that was just strange.I think Chris Yost needs to stop jumping all over the place in time and explain a little better what motivates his main character.

Edited by Pistol Packin' Poet
@RedRyan: Apparently he would don the Red Robin costume and not Batman's costume because Tim has a different approach to justice nowadays. He says something like he would be Red Robin only because he is able to cross the line if necessary since the name of Red Robin has been stained.
It was stated that Tim chose the Red Robin costume because he felt that the name was already besmirched so his action would be reflected upon his fellow Bat- Family members such as Dick and Alfred"
Here's a quote from Tim Drake's wiki on ComicVine.
Posted by RedRyan
@Pistol Packin' Poet:
Thanks.That actually makes sense.
Posted by johnny_spam

Now I'm starting to think more than ever this book will solve nothing in terms of finding Bruce and they just needed something for Tim to do, I read in the sollicitaion for Batman and Robin #6: 

"In the startling conclusion to "The Revenge of the Red Hood," Gotham's new "protector" reveals his identity to Batman – and surprisingly poses a heart-stopping question to Dick Grayson about the future of Bruce Wayne! Plus, Robin at the mercy of Scarlet!" 
It seems like the writer has a good handle on Tim but I wonder how important his search is I think I'll pick it up after the current story arc is over.
Posted by brewski420

i love tim drake as a character but i hate this series. after issue #3 i gave up the series.
Posted by Dr. Maxwell

How issue four ends will decide whether or not I continue to pick this one up
Posted by skaarason
@Zombielunch: i really love the way it's goin !!!
Posted by Media_Master

Too bad there are not any well placed transitions

Posted by Racer_X

i got the first red robin comic