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Real Models of Metropolis and Kandor

They exist somewhere!

 The book I speak of.

What struck me the most about WATCHING THE WATCHMEN, the extensive behind-the-pages look at the making of WATCHMEN, were the sections where Dave Gibbons discussed the scenery blue prints he put together for portions of the story.  He drew a detailed model of Nite Owl’s apartment that he would then use as reference for his angles in the panels. Also, most amazingly, for the part where Silk Spectre’s bottle of Nostalgia cologne hurtles across space, Gibbons actually worked out a star map and plotted a trajectory for the bottle to keep things consistent.   Having put together some comics myself, I found that especially impressive since artists more often “window dress” a location with only general impressions of how it should look.  It’s even more impressive that he could make fully-realized plans of these locations well before there were computer programs for the task.



 All that detail in such a small bottle.

I bring that all up because mattydee007 recently brought some videos that Pete Woods has posted on his YouTube channel to our attention, and they’re more-or-less the modern equivalent of what Gibbons did.   Woods’ videos are flybys of detailed models he’s created of Metropolis and the Bottled City of Kandor using the 3D modeling program SketchUp. The idea is to set the geography clearly so that whenever he or any other DC artist is designing an angle for a panel, they’ll have a consistent point of reference. While the Metropolis model consists of basic shapes, the Kandor model is actually quite detailed with many complex, acute angles and contours. He said it took him eight hours to make Metropolis, I can’t imagine how long it took for Kandor.

Check out the videos below and let me know what you think, oh wireframe Comic Vine community. I think it’s great idea to encourage consistency and a great sense of verisimilitude in these comics, and, most important to me, they’re basic enough that each artist still has to put his own flourish over them.

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Those are really quite awesome and trippy. With textures, lighting, environment and everything else, it must be impressive.
There have always been comic artists who have done that, and even more, and not this "windows dressing" thing. Many still do today, too. I was just reading some Jim Steranko. Jim even thought like that. It certainly didn't start with that Watchmen junk. 
Kandor is MUCH bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.

Posted by Theodore

Kandor looks freakin awesome

Posted by mattydeNero

It's brilliant.  I wish I had the resources to make cities.  If so, I would have no life.
Posted by MrDirector786