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Read THE NINJETTES #1 Here for Free

Exploding out of the pages of Garth Ennis' JENNIFER BLOOD, there's your chance to read the first issue for free.

If you're looking for a comic that doesn't shy away from the violence and action, you may already be familiar with THE NINJETTES from Dynamite Entertainment. They made their debut in Garth Ennis' JENNIFER BLOOD and now have their own series. Issue #2 went on sale a couple weeks ago and issue #3 is on next month. Dynamite has given us the opportunity to run the entire first issue for your reading pleasure. Check it out below.

Just a warning, there is a bit of violence and mature content.


(W) Al Ewing (A) Eman Casallos (CA) Admira Wijaya, Johnny D.

Who are they? How did they come to be dead and/or decapitated? And what kind of brutal insanity is their passing about to unleash? Find out the grim connection between college student Kelly Hara and the ice-cold engine of death known as Varla as the origin of the Ninjettes is revealed! Don't miss this ultra-violent odyssey of sin, scandal, brutality and branding!
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Posted by tensor

That was good

Posted by The Poet

Well....that's not going to be on MY pull list...

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Holy crap

Posted by Sakurafire

Some sort of warning should have been before the link or cut. Dear God that was horrid.

Posted by

This is set before Jennifer's Blood, similar style. Also good.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

When I have time. I will defenitely read this

Posted by umbrafeline

O_O she sliced him in half vertically. thats some skill there. if i see this ill definately pick it up

Posted by Greenflashlight

Wow that is Horrid I dont think I would be able or willing to read a full comic book of that. Why would she kill a kid in cold blood. I like the cover I am glad that I looked at the preview so I know not to buy this

Posted by comkid100

Well that's annoying since I've already bought the first 2 issues and now i can just read it for free. Kind of a waste of money.

Posted by The Impersonator

That kid's death scene is disturbing. Plus, I can't believe she actually killed him. HE WAS ABOUT TO BE MOLESTED FOR CHRIST SAKE!

Edited by Grimoire

This looks incredibly.....stupid. Kill everyone and let God sort them out kind of mentality is moronic.

Very shrewd G-Man to put this up to show people so that they will not buy another piece of crap series from Garth Ennis. Seriously there is nothing this guy writes that I read. I like the good heroes to be good heroes and not the bad guys in disguise. lol

Posted by ReVamp


Posted by blacmindZen

Enjoyed it. Garth Ennis being Garth Ennis. Gratuitously absurd situational sex and violence as usual. I'm buying it.

Posted by zackattack529


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Disturbing to say the least...I wonder how Varla would fare against Hit Girl? And why do people keep saying Garth Ennis? Its spun out of inspiration from Ennis' Jennifer Blood, but the writer is Ewing. That aside, the amount of violence and bloodshed here is spectacular. This is like Sucker Punch combined with Kick Ass combined with Kill Bill and any run of the mill ninja flick all rolled into one. I'm intrigued but at the same know I do have a weak stomach. Interesting to say the least.


Now I feel sort of stupid for putting this on my pull list (not your fault of course). Thank you for sharing this gift here though, I'll read it later when I have time to load it.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Jesus Christ, this bitch makes Emma Frost look like Mother Theresa.

Posted by Shanana

@sparty-dbq: Lmao what kind of analogy was that?

Posted by lykopis

I think -- um --- I think I need some time before coming to an opinion about this. Disturbing - I need to marinade.

Posted by BaynePl

Well that was... interesting. I think i will move along now.

No wait hold on, WTF. Seriously like everything would have been pretty much fine if she hadn't shot the kid. There is stupid amounts of violence and then there's just fucked up shit. Man really set me on edge. One step to far.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

Ok, now... I think killing the kid was a bit much. Seems a bit like shock value. "Hey readers, this protagonist is shooting innocent children in the head! I bet you haven't seen THAT before!"

Posted by sweatboy

Titty Boom Room? sounds a lot like the Boom Boom Room where Female Fury Knockout used to live and work at. The cover definitely reminds me of the turtles, and GI Joe's beach head. That Varla was fast to take on an apprentice, but it's a nice idea. Badass women chopping pedos in half with a japanese sword? Ok i think i'm impressed

Posted by jrock85

Already read it.

Posted by cracker_jack

@The Impersonator said:

That kid's death scene is disturbing. Plus, I can't believe she actually killed him. HE WAS ABOUT TO BE MOLESTED FOR CHRIST SAKE!

I stopped reading at that point.

Posted by Vortex13

Clearly most of the people who read this here wouldn't have this one on their pull list lol. I'm interested thought. Completely sadistic hit women who have no remorse or restraint in their job? Count me in.

Posted by KidSupreme

@haydenclaireheroes said:

When I have time. I will defenitely read this

same here

Posted by DIOMJK

This... wasn't that good. Sex and violence for the sake of sex and violence is fine, in it's own way, but this offers nothing to the table I haven't seen done better. Sure, there's obviously a deeper plot to it, but in the end this just couldn't make me care. At all. And I think that's gonna be the consensus when it's given a proper review

Posted by Relentless

none of the characters are likeble at all.

Posted by Nerx

Hooray for kid killing

Posted by enigma_2099

... I think I can guess why this was free...

Posted by mettlekm


Posted by unbreakableburr

Try hard, unnecessary language and violence, useless plot, unsexy and boring.

Just horrid all around.

Posted by lifeboy

Just read the trade. Damn good 5 hours of reading! Sad there won't be more. Well. Atleast I still have Jennifer Blood :)