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Read THE MOCKING DEAD #1 Here For Free

Check out Dynamite's deal with Humble Bundle and read THE MOCKING DEAD #1 for free!

As you may know, Dynamite is working with Humble Bundle to give fans tons of comics for a very low price. In addition, proceeds are going to three great causes: Make-A-Wish, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Doctors Without Borders. One of the many, MANY books you can get from giving a bit of money to Humble Bundle is THE MOCKING DEAD by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Max Dunbar. Dynamite is giving you folks a look at ALL of issue one.

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Rating: Teen +

Covers: Zombie Caution cover by Bill Tortolini

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Art: Max Dunbar

Genre: Horror

Awards: N/A

Publication Date: Sep 2013

Format: Comic Book

Page Count: 32 pages

Rights: WW

UPC: 725130208231 00111

ON SALE DATE: September 4, 2013

From the New York Times bestselling writer of the Marvel Zombies series comes a gut-splitting (then eating) comedy! A small outbreak can turn into a worldwide apocalypse... but only through a long string of screw-ups. Once actual zombies begin popping up in our world, a lone intelligence analyst realizes real-life events are beginning to mimic the events of a long-lost, Grade-Z, drive-in horror flick. As he races to save humanity with this knowledge, he quickly learns the only thing more dangerous than ravenous walking corpses is the ineptitude of the living!

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Edited by Cap10nate

Pretty cool that they have the locations as Murrysville and Monroeville PA as that is where Romero filmed his movies.

Posted by Shot

Hooray! Inspirations , and thank you.

Posted by SpitfirePanda

Pretty entertaining.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

I've read the tries to hard indeed there are funny moments and the art is very well done, but overall dialouge is just dense with okay jokes and too many references to seem fun

Posted by Jayc1324

This actually sounds kind of good.

Edited by TasmanianGecko

"I always thought it would be giant robots."

Who do you think is responsible for the zombie outbreak in the first place? The giant robots want the human race to spend their time and resources fighting the zombie hordes, so that the human race will be exhausted and unequipped to handle the robots. Thats the plan, see. Its always been the plan. Wear down the humans with zombies and then *BOOM* giant robot attack!