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Posted by KainScion

i read it before this. still awesome.

Posted by tonis

man that is some great visual storytelling.

kinda tweaked seeing a baby breastfeeding off a gorilla but damn effective :)

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Dynamite aint scared of giving a way free comics, good stuff

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Very good!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

That is truly awesome. Can't get over the art and how amazing it tells the story here. There just isn't words to describe this...

Posted by nightlock

WOW! I actually want this real bad now!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@nightlock said:

WOW! I actually want this real bad now!

You should get #2 today
Posted by bladewolf

That was pretty cool! Maybe I'll check out Issue #2!

Posted by jloneblackheart

My LCS sold out of #1, so this is awesome. Smart move Dynamite, I'll be getting #2 for sure now.

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Posted by The Poet

thats cool...

Posted by redhood21

music by phill collins. not bad.

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Posted by NightFang

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Posted by mattiebatslayer

I picked up #1 just because it was a dollar and I got the variant cover of Tarzan slashing the throat of a Lion! Anyways, I was completely blown away at how amazing the issue was, especially considering that I hadn't heard about it before.

Just got back from LCS and got the Francavilla (my fav artist) variant cover!

Posted by KidSupreme

I love the art!

Posted by KINGoCLINT

nice...... I better call and have that #2 shoved in my folder.....(I was gunna say box but I thought you guys and dolls might be a bit dirty minded LIKE MYSELF LOL)