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Ray Park Loves Him Some "Iron Fist"

The actor talks about his dream role


Ray Park
Let me get this out of the way: I would have loved to see Ray Park discuss this in person at the Wizard World Chicago convention this past weekend. 
The highly skilled martial artist and actor, who recently played the role of Snake Eyes in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," is also a serious comic book fan; at least when it comes to Matt Fraction's " Iron Fist."  Over the weekend, Comics Alliance released that Park cited his dream of playing Danny Rand in a live-action film role lives on, and that he would even "work on [his] American accent to do it."

"I actually want to be Danny Rand -- I want to be Iron Fist, I want to do it,..."I want to have an excuse to take my top off and show off my abs," he joked. "Or, take my top off and work to get my abs back that I used to have when I was 19."


Ray, I definitely won't mind it if you took your shirt off for this movie. Park was attached to the role of Iron Fist back in 2001 when the rights to the character were held by Artisan Entertainment. Nothing was done with it, however, and more recently, the rights to the character were returned to Marvel. 
If one day they do decide to make an "Iron Fist" movie, it would most likely center around a partnership between " Iron Fist" and " Luke Cage" in a " Heroes For Hire" film.

I will admit that I have an affinity for Ray Park and his martial arts skills; I would personally love to see an "Iron Fist" movie. What about you?
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Posted by EdwardWindsor

hell yearh park is awesome , he could do this role with ease

Posted by Decept-O

Yeah, this is the role I always assumed he'd take up actually.  However with him having been Toad I don't know how audiences may feel.  I wouldn't mind, the dude employs his martial arts skills, is a fight choreographer, actor, and comic book fan, so I'd like him to do it.   
I've always loved Heroes For Hire with "Sweet Christmas!" Luke Cage/Power Man (none of this "Cage" crap for me).  They MUST change Iron Fist's costume, please have it like the Immortal Iron Fist garb!  I wonder who could play Misty Knight?  Mmm......
Posted by deathswitch
@lazystudent said:
" hell yearh park is awesome , he could do this role with ease "
i second that
Posted by King Quisling

Um...Ray Parks can't act. Hasn't anyone seen Ecks Vs Sever? 

Posted by xerox_kitty

There's a reason why they don't give him speaking roles... He'd need to be dubbed and covered in loads of make up.   
X-Men:  Covered in yellow make-up & warts.  Barely had any lines
Star Wars:  Covered in black & red make-up.  Dubbed. 
Sleepy Hollow:  HEADLESS.  No lines.  Head of Christopher Walken.

Posted by HarryF25

An Iron Fist movie would be awesome!

Edited by MysterioMaximus

I'd so be down for an Iron Fist movie and Ray Park would be a great choice. Iron Fist has always been one of my favorite obscure hero characters alongside Moon Knight and White Tiger.
Posted by GreenGriffin

I could see it, it would be kick ass to have ray park be Iron Fist. Have Ronny Yu direct it and it will be even more awesome.
Posted by Nahero


Posted by Decept-O
@xerox-kitty said:
"There's a reason why they don't give him speaking roles... He'd need to be dubbed and covered in loads of make up.    X-Men:  Covered in yellow make-up & warts.  Barely had any linesStar Wars:  Covered in black & red make-up.  Dubbed. Sleepy Hollow:  HEADLESS.  No lines.  Head of Christopher Walken. "

Hhmm..may have to think twice now.  I am probably asking the obvious but were his lines dubbed because of his accent?  

  The roles he did play and he had makeup for were due to the characters he was portraying.  Also the Headless Horseman-- the man is also a movie fight choreographer and obviously they needed someone to do the stunts and he also does stunts.  They obviously didn't need his face or acting for that role.
Not quite certain where you're going with all this but if he can't act well I will change my tune. 
Posted by reaper2923

Who cares how bad his voice isI don't see movies for the conversation

Posted by Drafta
@xerox-kitty said:
" There's a reason why they don't give him speaking roles... He'd need to be dubbed and covered in loads of make up.    X-Men:  Covered in yellow make-up & warts.  Barely had any linesStar Wars:  Covered in black & red make-up.  Dubbed. Sleepy Hollow:  HEADLESS.  No lines.  Head of Christopher Walken. "
Well, he said he would work on his accent for it.
Posted by Vortex13

He can't act. He could definitely pull off the roll physically, but he still can't act.

Posted by MoonKnightFan123

I would see tht movie.
although can Ray act?

Posted by Jediknightjace

If you're listening, Marvel, make it happen!

Posted by Adam Michaels

I just love it. I haven't seen this actor much (not going to watch GI Joe film either). But just looking at him in that photo, I can totally buy him as Iron Fist. At least for the look. And knowing he's a martial arts specialist only strengthens my feelings towards getting this actor to be Danny Rand/Iron Fist. 
And if what you say is true that Iron Fist's films rights were returned to Marvel, then it all makes perfect sense to create a new universe in the Marvel Studios. Like they are doing now with Avengers, it would be awesome to see them create one with Heroes for Hire. And I wouldn't just limit it to Iron Fist and Power Man. I would add Shang-Chi in the mix.  They can all become Heroes for Hire in a team film. But this is one fan's dream.
All 3 of these characters are apparently in stages of film planning. But I don't know if their rights all belong to Marvel Studios.
Posted by TehLantern

That would be so rad.

Posted by AngelFrost

Aww, Ray's soo cute.
I'd love to see him in this role.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

If Ray Park is attached to the movie. I certainly expect to be there. I don't think they could of gotten a better actor to really showcase a Snake Eyes character. I don't know much about Iron Fist, but knowing he's in the movie would certainly get my attention.

Posted by King Quisling

The guy who does the stunts for the Kick-Ass movie should play Danny Rand.

Posted by Krajo

Dude Ray Park would be awesome! He would be a GREAT pick for Iron Fist!!!
Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Iron Fist would be a cool movie to see

Posted by MJ Styles

OH.  I can definitely see Park as Iron  Fist.  He even has the look too!  PIMP

Posted by the guv'nor

i would love to see an iron fist movie,he is probably one of my favourite characters of all time but not ray park playing him,the guy cant actor,he isnt an actor he is martial artist/stuntman.Plus he is english ,sure their are plenty of americans more suited to the role.
Posted by Tyler Starke

I actually want to see an Iron Fist movie more so than Thor or Captain America, I loved the Immortal Iron Fist Series with Fraction at the Helm, and if they do make a movie, i hope they'd center it around that Fractions story as opposed to Heroes for Hire

Posted by slayerofminds
so what's next, Mr. kick-ass in your face  bad ass Ray Park? you seem to  fit the role of Iron Fist. 
Posted by reverseshazam

Great Christmas! Dwayne Johnson could be Powerman. Perfect action duo.
Posted by slayerofminds
Posted by TheBug

I've been saying forever that he would make a great Iron Fist.  Can't think of anyone else who could do it.
Posted by Kevin87

An Iron Fist movie with Ray Park would be awesome. If done right Marvel could make Iron Fist into a martial arts franchise since they could make Danny a more grounded and grittier Tony Stark. And if Marvel Studios ever gets the rights for Daredevil back I would love to see a Daredevil/Iron Fist movie.

Posted by ComicCrazy

This would be the best next role for him definitely hope to see him as iron fist one day.
Posted by King Saturn
Ray Park as Iron Fist would be awesome
Posted by Jamiracles

I like Ray but I dont think he could carry a lead role, unfortunately.

Posted by Bio Guyver

I approve.
Posted by Tmul501

I've only ever seen Ray in roles where he just beats people up and doesn't speak. I'm not sure of his acting abilities. But I think he's awesome (he was Darth Maul after all) and I think he'd be a good contender for Iron Fist, if he can pull off the acting bit.

Posted by orsonkidd

Iron fist is the man. as much as I would like a power man / iron fist movie, I would rather see a version of the Brubaker/fraction series. 
ray Park Is an amazing fighter, but can he really act? Danny Rand needs to be some where between Batman and Spiderman, attitude wise. The better question imo is who plays Orson, or any of the other immortal weapons?

Posted by dondasch

I rarely disagree with you Babs, however this has to be where I do so.  I would much prefer to see Luke Goss take the role of Iron Fist.  Luke is an extremely talented martial artist, and also can act.

Posted by Spider-Pantrelli

Ray Park is perfect! They need to cast him.

Posted by NightFang

@deathswitch said:

" @lazystudent said:
" hell yearh park is awesome , he could do this role with ease "
i second that "

             I 3th that.

Posted by Media_Master

good choice

Posted by Jamiracles

Maybe if Iron Fist turns into like a mystical martial arts genie that Danny Rand calls on...then Ray can play the Fist    O_O

Posted by Defiant

Iron Fist is badass
Posted by Endanger

A Heroes for Hire film would be just stupid....why don't they just follow the freaking plot in Immortal Iron Fist??? The hell is so hard about that???

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

he needs major acting and line coaching if this would work.

Posted by grimreaper1980

when is it coming out, i've been hearing about this for 6 years

Posted by jloneblackheart
@xerox-kitty: he was also Snake Eyes in GI JOE. How many lines did he have in that?