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Should more canceled shows continue in the pages?

Joss Whedon’s having a lot of success with the BUFFY and FIREFLY comics, ain’t he?   Why, the trade of SERENITY: BETTER DAYS debuted at #3 on the New York Times’ best-selling “paperback graphic books” this past week.

 Number three with a bullet!

Bethany Larson at Flavorwire recently posted a wish list of canceled TV shows she’d like to see continued as comics and the list got me thinking.   Seeing your favorite show canceled before it’s gotten to say everything it needed to say is, of course, tremendously frustrating.   You really, really, really want to see what happens next, even if it’s in a form totally different from what you’ve been getting.

 Not the Sonic with the shakes and drive-in.

Obviously, a lot of this comes down to comics having a lot lower overhead to keep a story going and there are a lot of examples of titles whose comic adaptations have made a lot more of a lasting mark.   Of the top of my head, I’m thinking, of course, of Carl Barks’ UNCLE SCROOGE and related duck saga, as well as Archie’s SONIC THE HEDGEHOG comics,  which have lasted a lot longer than either of the cartoons based on the Sega game have.

 Where's the HOUSE vs. SONIC fanfic?

Then again, you’ll notice that both of those are about funny animals.   Personally, I’m not sure how often this sort of thing works outside of fantasy and sci-fi.   I’ve seen comic versions of CSI and THE SHIELD over the years, but haven’t read them, and I’m skeptical about how well they worked.  A big reason (the biggest reason, dare I say) you watch, say... HOUSE MD is to see Hugh Laurie do his thing every week.   Take that away in the comic (and you might not even get rights to his likeness, either) and how much of what you liked about the show in the first place is left?

Regardless, this kind of thing’s going to be happening more often, like the PUSHING DAISES comic announced last year.   But it’s not important what I think.   What’s important is what you think, Comic Vine community! So… what do you think?

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Posted by Gold Dust Boi

I dont know about any crappy Pushign Daisies or Serenity comics but i will say as a HUGE Buffy fan that these comic continuations of both Buffy and Angel have been amazing for the fans that want to know what happens next.  Despite the upcoming storyline problems (the identity of Twilight, which i wont spoil here) both series are fantastic additions to shows that ended too early by at least a season each

Posted by Archetype

Why have I not read this? I loved Firefly and just like with Angel i really enjoyed getting to read what happened after the show went off-air.Definitely going to see what Serenity is like.

Posted by Tyler Starke
@Archetype said:
" Why have I not read this? I loved Firefly and just like with Angel i really enjoyed getting to read what happened after the show went off-air.Definitely going to see what Serenity is like. "
The only problem I had with the Serenity comics was, you don't get to see what happens next, you get a what happened between the show and the movie comic, and then a random adventure that took place sometime during the show. I
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I like the CSI TV series(not including Miami), but it's hardly canceled. I'm really enjoying Lawrence Fishburne. He plays a really good character with some interesting depth.
I believe they did a Farscape comic. That was a great show, but I never read the comic.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I still say Brimstone should be continued in comic form

Posted by Mbecks14

i like the idea of continuing series as comics! should definitely be done more often.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I defently think the story of cancelled television shows should continue in comics.