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R2-D2 Takes Center Stage In Upcoming Clone Wars

Will Artoo fall into the hands of the Separatists?

R2-D2 Takes The Center Stage In The 11/5 Episode Of Clone Wars

How can anyone not like Artoo?  If you think about it, the Empire would never have been defeated if it wasn't for him.  He's done so much and never whined like a certain farmboy.  People have argued that Chewbacca should have received a medal at the end of A New Hope but what about Artoo?  Sure he got cleaned up but that's about it.

Backing up to the Clone Wars, it seems Artoo gets lost and Anakin has to find him before Dooku and the Separatists find him and get the Jedi military secrets in his memory banks.  Like Artoo would let that happen.

Episode write, George Krstic had this to say:
“Artoo is very childlike and inquisitive -- there’s no subterfuge to Artoo.  “He’s got loyalty and bravery and, while he doesn’t speak English, I think everyone understands what he’s saying.  The wonderful sound design work and the incredible characterizations for Artoo have made it so that it doesn’t matter what language you speak, or where you’re from -- you can relate to Artoo and what he’s about.”

Check out the video clip that Lucasfilm sent to us:


Posted by NightFang

This is going to be fun.

Posted by spawndon

R2-D2 is a valuable resource to the Republic. More over, he is Anakin's closest friend. So his getting lost(which does not eventually occur) is a dreaded thing to occur. Also his fight with the Empire's spy droid R3 is entertaining.