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Question of the Week: Favorite Batman Artist

We've had 75 years of talented people illustrating the Dark Knight, but which style do you enjoy the most? Vote in our latest poll!

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Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, has been appearing within the pages of comic books for 75 years now. From his very first appearance to his latest story in the New 52, the Caped Crusader has had countless looks over the years. From relatively bright and exciting to dark and gritty, the Dark Knight has been expertly brought to life by dozens upon dozens of praiseworthy artists.

Seeing as Bruce is our latest Character of the Month and it's currently his 75th anniversary, we thought now would be the perfect time to pose a very difficult question: who's your favorite Batman artist? Obviously, there's been a huge amount of impressive artists over the years and we tried our best to include the top ones in the poll. However, if your personal favorite isn't on the list, you're welcome to vote "other" and elaborate in the comments.


Can't make up your mind just yet and want to take another look at the artists' work? Well, there's no need to rush because the poll will stay open until Thursday (ET). Just to make things easier for you, we've provided the names on the list below and you can click a name and it'll take you to the artist's page in our database. Now, give it some proper thought and then pick an artist!

Be sure to check the homepage on Thursday for the results and more! Do you have a great idea for a future edition of the Question of the Week? If so, feel free to share it below or via Twitter.

Want to keep celebrating our latest Character of the Month? Well, he's currently battling Star-Lord and we're asking you to choose between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, too! Batman's Best Covers will likely be posted on Friday.

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Posted by Boynerdgeek

Every era have different style of artist in Batman comics. So it is really hard to choose tbh

Posted by PunyParker

Greg Capullo.
Because his art rocks.

Edited by SOG7dc

Edited by SOG7dc

I take back my last answer. Mazzucchelli is the guy for me as far as Batman artists go.

Posted by AmazingWebHead
Posted by DrellAssassin

Jim Lee is the man, however I have to give the slight edge to Capullo just because his Batman work has had such variety. Each arc that he's done looks totally different from the other (Court of Owls, Death of the Family, Zero Year).

Posted by RustyRoy

Its hard to not like any of them, I like Jim Lee and Andy Kubert's Batman the best though with Adams as close second, still all of these guys did a great job with Batman. Also honorable mention to Dave McKean since he wasn't included.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, and Neal Adams, in that order.

Edited by bloggerboy

Tim Sale for sure!

Edited by kaiklown

For everyone not voting Neal Adams

Posted by Jsims20

Ahhh so many...

No love for Bruce Timm though??

Posted by TrueMarvel

What's that top picture from and where can I find a full image? looks nice

Posted by fallbrigade

Capullo and Nguyen are probably my absolute favorites.

Posted by Pokeysteve

I don't read enough Batman so I don't think I should vote. I always like Lee's Batman though. He always puts him a shadow. It could be in the middle of the desert at 1 in the afternoon and Batman will be in the dark.

Posted by chalkshark

This list is severely lacking in Alex Ross, Kelley Jones, Alan Davis, Michael Golden, George Perez, John Byrne, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Posted by Lockwood

For me it's always a toss up between Frank Miller, Greg Capullo, and Jim Lee. Today I am going to put my vote in for Greg Capullo.

Posted by Jayc1324

Jim lee

Posted by ARMIV2

Bob Kane, yeah, right.

Edited by jstndmnd
Edited by Kuyamu

Eduardo Risso for me, when I think of great batman artists, I think detective noir and great paneling. A artist who tells a story through the art.

Posted by Testament

Jim Lee

Edited by BamfGoesTheWeasel

....Sean Murphy.

Posted by hardiksharma

tim sale

Edited by Grimoire

Oh yeah give us an easy question. lol This was really hard to choose from but it came down to Jim Lee imo.

Posted by BarstoolProphet

Sweet mercy, Mr. Katzman! We should be able to rank them and add out own selections!;) this is tough! Somewhat surprised Bruce Timm didn't make the list, or Darwyn Cooke, or Matt Wagner, or Eduardo Risso, or.... Never mind, there's too many!;)

Posted by TrueMarvel

What is that top picture? looks like a comicbook version of the nolan batman

Posted by hondobrode

Not remembering Dave McKean, but c'mon guys, no Marshall Rogers ?

There have been loads of great artists, but my faves would be Adams, Rogers (Google him), Aparo, Mazzuchelli and Golden.

Posted by RustyRoy

Matteo Scalera deserves a mention

Posted by Ninjablade09

What is that top picture? looks like a comicbook version of the nolan batman

When the Dark Knight came out Jim Lee drew the suit

Edited by BlackPookie

@k4tzm4n: tony daniel and jim lee

forget to add bruce timm... best cartoons ever!