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Quesada on Thor Movie: "Branagh Gets It!"

Word is out via Twitter that the Thor movie is off to a good start.

Are you Twittering yet?  I saw this first Twitter from Joe Quesada last night:
   JoeQuesada Okay, three words describe my day today "Branagh gets it!"
Great news, right?  As you know, Kenneth Branagh is working on the Thor movie.  Captain Cascader and myself were more than pleased to see that Twitter.  It turns out there's more.  I woke up this morning to find the following updates between Quesada and Bendis:

BRIANMBENDIS @JoeQuesada hell yes!!
JoeQuesada I'll tell you what's sweet @rdhall Sweet is when he starts quoting continuity and past storylines. The man has immersed himself in Marvel
BRIANMBENDIS @JoeQuesada so we can't go into detail but maybe we can say that we met with Branagh about Thor ;-)
JoeQuesada Yes @BRIANMBENDIS we can hint at hour super secret Thor meeting with Branagh, but don't give it away, just hint

Sounds good, right? 
For those that don't really know what Twitter is, it's basically an instant update on whatever is going on with a person or what's on their mind.  The fact that Quesada and Bendis were openly Twittering obviously means they want us to know.  But it does seem that they are excited.  And also we know that Bendis is involved in some capacity.  Looks like we can expect some good things for the Thor movie.

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Posted by King Saturn
Ah Very Nice... I hope they can get Production under way as soon as Possible...

Posted by The_Martian

Can't wait for a Thor movie. Then again I hope they don't mean the Thor Animated move:(

Posted by G-Man
Staff Online
Posted by mrenb

The question still remains:  Who could portray Thor in a live action movie?  

Posted by xcodebro!x

Who could it be? I've heard Brad Pitt, but thats probably just a rumor.....

Posted by Fresh Prince
Finally some Thor movie news
Posted by King Saturn
I still wonder who will play Thor in the films...
Posted by G-Man

Maybe this guy:

Staff Online