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Punisher War Zone Villain

Jigsaw, the villain in the upcoming Punisher film shows his face.

Punisher War Zone Opens December 5th

It's hard to say how this movie will be.  I think it might be better than I originally thought.  The trailer doesn't look bad.  It looks like it will be grittier than the first.  You have to have the violence and mayhem in order for a Punisher movie to really work.

The villain?  I'm not too crazy about the idea of Jigsaw (images courtesy of Superhero Times).  Then again, who else could really be Frank's nemesis in a movie?  Having the Punisher go up against nameless thugs or mob dudes can only go so far.  You need someone with an agenda.  Kingpin would be too big a villain (no pun intended) at this point.  You wouldn't be able to have a definitive ending.  The Punisher shouldn't be able to take him down in one movie. 

At least Punisher War Zone should make a nice holiday film.
Posted by KingGraham

I like it, from what I saw it looks great, but they could have picked some better villains though, and maybe having a hero cameo would not have hurt either.( Luke Cage  maybe). But Im still seeing it the Friday it hits theaters.

Posted by Skellex

They shoulda gotten the guy from the first movie to be in it as The Punisher.

Posted by NightFang

It looks like Punisher War Zone will be a horror movie.

Posted by DRDOOMSDAY390

((i agree skellex  i like the first guy that play the punisher better))

Posted by G-Man

Thomas Jane (from the first movie) was supposed to be in this one.  He walked away from the project (guess he had that option in his contract).  I did like Jane as the Punisher but this dude is going to be more hardcore.

Posted by SilverZeo

He looks like Two Face from Batman Forever.

Posted by Mr. Wilson

Good work.  This movie looks like it is filmed better though.

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

I think this looks great.  BTW, I thought the Thomas Jane "Punisher" movie was not 'that' bad (as far as superhero movies go -- before Iron Man, that is).   Specifically I really really liked the fight where the Huuuuuge dude showed up at the Punisher's door and a massive fight ensued.

This movie does indeed look like a horror flick, which I think might work out in the end.

Posted by The Rider

I liked Thomas Jane in the second film (yes, the second film).  However, I'm willing to give this new guy a chance.  I'm going to be somewhat optimistic when I go see it.  I hope it turns out great.

Posted by amber2680

I dont know why but i have a feeling it not going to turn out good?.?.