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Amadeus ascendant...

Rock me, Amadeus!

Amadeus Cho, Hercules’ sidekick, is getting his own title this May with PRINCE OF POWER.

 He's got the touch, he's got the power...

This apotheosis has been planned for a long time by writers Grek Pak and Fred Van Lente, being the seventh part in an octalogy that’s been running throughout INCREDIBLE HERCULES. Now, with artist Reilly Brown, they shall realize their long-held vision. 

In a press release from Marvel, Van Lente elaborated…

"Once the overall plan for INCREDIBLE HERCULES coalesced in our minds around 'Sacred Invasion,' it was conceived as a long single story of about eight story arcs long. Prince of Power' is the seventh arc. As Hercules was the greatest hero of the Iron Age, which ended with 'Assault on New Olympus,' Amadeus is destined to be the greatest hero of this new Heroic Age the Marvel Universe finds itself in."

Pak seconded Van Lente’s description of this storyline’s epic scope…

"We're entering the third act of this first massive epic we envisioned for INCREDIBLE HERCULES.   So get ready for a non-stop series of payoffs and revelations. All of the themes and relationships and emotional storylines that we've been building for Hercules and Amadeus are coming to a head."

 When all Hell's breaking loose, he'll be right in the eye of the storm...

Like Frodo coming into the possession of the One Ring, the hitherto mostly-unknown Cho will become a big player in the scheme of the Marvel universe. According to Van Lente, "[PRINCE OF POWER] sets the new status quo for Marvel mythology in the Heroic Age.”   
Fittingly, Cho’s going to be bumping heads with members of various pantheons - - both those from Marvel’s cosmology and from world religions. Among the familiar faces Cho will rub shoulders are the jade giant, Hulk and Norse god of thunder, Thor.  However, there are some who won’t be too pleased about Amadeus’ ascension and Mr. Cho may even run the risk of running mad with his new power. 

So speaks Pak…

"One of the great themes of classic mythology has been the risk that mortal heroes take by encroaching on the turf of the gods.  We're about to see the impact of the biggest transgression a mortal can make upon multiple pantheons in the Marvel Universe… Generally the risk when mortals get tapped by gods to do their work is that the power they receive may be too much for them to handle. But the danger for Amadeus is that he may actually want more.”

This all sounds positively seven kinds of epic, to me. How about you, Comic Vine community? Is this the spin-off INCREDIBLE HERCULES devotees have been waiting for? Is Amadeus Cho destined to join the legendary names in the Marvel universe?  SPEAK!

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

Posted by Ryonslaught

Sweet! Cho's time to shine baby!!!

Posted by AngelFrost

Woooo! (: 

Posted by Kid_Zombie

I'm loving the herc series and to me this is great news! cant wait to read this!

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@Tom Pinchuk: He's the one
Posted by gonzooo

Is it me or is marvel really pushing through greatly with the new generation of heroes/ villains? young avengers, Captain Marvel, Daken, skaar, BUCKY THE NEW CAPTAIN AMERICAN! I love it!

Posted by Benzo

I will definitely get this!!!!!

Posted by Secret Identity

sounds quite cool. not been following it but it certainly does sound Epic. I will be watching this. 

Posted by labarith

Have they confirmed IHerc's cancelation yet?  I swear, I've really enjoyed the book for a long time now and they keep HINTING at Herc's death.  If they actually go through with it - which this suggests - I'm gonna be super pissed.  I like cho.  I do.  But killing off Herc'd be an assinine thing to do.  And given how many times they've offed Ms. Marvel, metaphorically or actually, and other fun marvel characters, I'm beginning to get annoyed. 
Then again, Maybe Herc could do stuff with Ares in his ongoing if he bites it... THAT would be positively awesome.
Posted by DEGRAAF

I love Amadeus Cho's character, i think this will be great, the one thing it really reminds me of is Captain Marvel and Black Adam
Posted by Son_of_Magnus

That is awesome

Posted by No_name_here

I didn't know much about Amadeus Cho before doing this.   I'm seeing a lot of love for the dude, here.  What's his deal?

Posted by crimsonspider89

Amadeus is awesome, all there is to know.

Posted by Jotham

Sob, sob! I'm so happy!
@Tom Pinchuk said:

" I didn't know much about Amadeus Cho before doing this.   I'm seeing a lot of love for the dude, here.  What's his deal? "

He's basically a smarter, cooler version of the average comic reader.
Posted by PrinceIMC

I love Amadeus and will definitely read this just hope it isn't coming at the expense of Herc's life. Specially if the next story is Amadeus bringing Herc back to life which is done way too often in comics. 
Amadeus is one of the smartest people on the planet and can calculate quantum possibilities instantly and make things come out his way.

Posted by Zombies42

Fraid i haven't been following the series if it worth it?
Posted by Blazed

i already miss herc and ares. two olympians gone in what two months

Posted by Bobby X
@Zombies42 said:
"Fraid i haven't been following the series if it worth it? "

Imo, absolutely worth checking out. I mean, idk your style but Greg Pak is a stellar writer so I think it unlikely you won't appreciate the book on some level. It's funny, smart, and has some great high octane action. Plus it alludes back to Greek Mythology...where can you go wrong? Lol 
I need to get caught up in Herc, I think the "Love and War" Arc was the last one I read.  
Maybe my next project... 
Love Incredible Herc and Cho getting hi own book should be great but I miss seeing him with Herc already.
Posted by Argentino_18

Cho Is Fraggin awesome!!!!

Posted by Decept-O

Sounds like a Marvel hit that's been under the radar to a number of readers, myself included.  I like the concept of it, sounds new and relatively original although it has some "borrowed" elements but overall a unique story.  Hope it does well,  I think it's what comic readers need, esp. with Marvel.
Posted by Yung ANcient One

its cool... cant wait

Posted by Nighthunter

The Van Lente/Pak combination on Hercules has made it one of my favorite titles, I'm sad about the death of Hercules (and even if it isn't entirely related the one of Ares) but I'm even more sad by the announcement that this is already the penultimate chapter in their ongoing saga.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

I like Cho... But i dont like the idea of him taking Herc's place of the Prince of Power....

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy
@Beast-X said:
" I honestly do not like the idea of them killing Hercules at the end of Siege and killed Ares! Hercules was one of the most classic characters from the Marvel Heroes characters in one of the most recurrent support from the supporting cast of the stories of Thor and one of the most classic of the Avengers ... As much as I like Amadeos Cho can not see him as someone who can "take over" of Hercules     "
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

im down with this. it was put together well and proper. the test stage issues where
Cho fought Excello worked well. much like Steve who is mentioned here, im sure that Herc
himself will be back during the 8th Act.

Posted by Walker696

So to make way for a new star you take out a legend, its official Marvel is turning into WWE either that or the Skrulls really won and they just changing everything for now reason. Just look at some replacements jobs they've pulled so far.
Bucky is replacing Cap
Tony replaced Nick Fury
Skaar replaced Hulk
Daken replaced Sabertooth
Sentry replaced Thor (for a little while, just think about it, everything they call Sentry for, Thor was usually there to handle, soon as he has personal problems, Sentry pops up)
Dark Avengers replace Avengers
now Cho is replacing Herc
Where will it stop marvel.............where will it stop lol

Posted by PowerHerc
Hear!  Hear!  Cho is cool but he can't (no one can) replace the true Prince of Power:  Hercules.   So if you're reading this Marvel, cut this death short and bring Herc back fast.  You can obviously see how much people like him now.  Bring him back and keep up the good work on his characterization while continuing to set him apart (re:above) the vast majority of other characters in terms of strength and durability.  You've finally got Herc right, don't waste this opportunity to further develop and popularize him.