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Preview: SAVAGE HULK #3

Who, or what, is the newest gamma-powered goliath?!


(W/A/CA) Alan Davis


• Who, or what, is the newest gamma-powered goliath?!

• Robots, mutants and Hulks, oh my!

• To what lengths will Charles Xavier go to save Bruce Banner?

Item Code: JUN140670In Shops: 8/27/2014SRP: $3.99

Posted by WheatStalker

Mean Jean Green

Posted by DrApplebox

Good thing the feminists didn't see THIS.

Edited by New_World_Order

I thought that was Lyra.

Posted by GreenScar1990

I knew that it was a portion of Hulk's energy/power that caused Jean to transform/mutate/Hulk-Out! Power like that can't be contained. I makes me wonder who else will get Hulked-Out before this is all said and done. Great stuff!

Posted by Darkmount1

Upon reading that Savage Hulk preview...Oy, I've heard of calling someone Mr. or Mrs. Green Jeans, but this is too funny! I guess this retroactively establishes Jean Grey as the original She-Hulk....

Posted by movieartman

Jean Grey + hulked out + Alan Davis = sexy as f--k! = god damn now I gotta go back and buy this series.

Posted by fullmetaladam

Is "Regal" now street slang for looking like a street walker? If so then Green Jean's pulled it off.

Posted by Darkmount1

@fullmetaladam: I think it's more of, say, Princess Aura from Flash Gordon. That look's too 'sci-fi' for a street'r.

Posted by Goonage

Please tell me this is an alternate universe....

Posted by Darkmount1

@goonage: It appears to be canon, Captain.

Posted by Darkmount1

@movieartman: I actually just bought the previous two issues to catch myself up.

Posted by Goonage
Posted by DEGRAAF

I like the story but you know this will never be brought up again in any other series so its kind of a moot arc. Also what happened? Were the X-men now at the gamma bomb explosion or something?

This looks like a fun story i just wish it would have lasting affects.

I thought that was Lyra.

I thought it was from the cover too.

Posted by Inverno

Good thing the feminists didn't see THIS.


Edited by Jbourne_32

shit she seems op as crap now