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Preview: FUTURES END #0 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition

DC creators will be all across the country in shops to sign books for you!

In one gigantic, awesome tie-in to Free Comic Book Day, DC Comics will have creators from their company signing books at multiple locations in 18 states across the United States and one shop in Australia.

While it may not be officially recognized as a holiday, among comic fans, Free Comic Book Day holds just as much social significance as New Year's Day or Halloween. Free Comic Book Day 2014 is this Saturday, May 3rd. On that day, comic book stores worldwide will welcome thousands of eager fans through their doors with free comics and in-store events geared towards new readers and old alike. Many of these events will feature DC Comics writers and artists, signing copies of their books and often providing sketches for attendees. Perhaps one of these signings is near you?

Check out the DC page and their interactive map to find out where the signings are!

DC is offering two books on Saturday, May 3rd: THE NEW 52 FUTURES END FCBD SPECIAL EDITION, which is the start to their new weekly series and puts Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis into continuity, and TEEN TITANS GO #1 FCBD SPECIAL EDITION, which is based on the Cartoon Network show and geared towards younger readers.

Get down to one of THESE LOCATIONS to meet and greet some of the DC talent on Saturday, May 3rd.

Click on the following to check out the preview:

Note: This is not a sponsored event through DC. They are simply giving everyone a heads up where their creators will be.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

It sucks being a digital reader on comic book day

Posted by Maddpanda531

I love the "and one shop in Australia".

Posted by Ultron345

Sounds really cool. Extremely interested to see the response to this.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I would love to have Dan Jurgens sigh my Booster Gold stuff.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Is their a list of all the free comics?

Posted by MrTummyTumms

Sucks that they're not coming to Texas.

Posted by dondave

They need to send someone to England

Edited by TommytheHitman

@dondave said:

They need to send someone to England

This. Or install teleportation devices.

Posted by NightFang
Edited by longbowhunter

I'm really tempted to drive up to Muncie and meet Scott Snyder.

Edited by McBig

@mrtummytumms: yeah I was just checking for that too. It'd be cool though.

Posted by mak13131313

Pretty cool idea!

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

Cullen Bunn is going to be coming my local comic shop. Too bad I don't have any comics he wrote. I'll probably buy a Sinestro comic for him to sign. That series looked interesting. I doubt I'll get to go though. I have to work on Comic Book Day.

Posted by ScarletBatman

It sucks being a digital reader on comic book day

It sucks being a physical reader because if you don't get to the comic shop right when they open, you don't get nice things.

Posted by patrat18

Sounds really cool. Extremely interested to see the response to this.

Posted by sagejonathan

No one is coming to my local shop D:

How is there only one person coming to New York and only two going to New Jersey?

Edited by VanderSEXXX

Its dark alright! Definitely looking forward to this DC event.

Posted by Primebonnick

killer cyborg wonder woman and superman well damn what happened in the future.

Posted by JakeN7

No one's coming to Seattle :(

Most of them are going to the Midwest or California.

Posted by SavageDragon

My LCS is the birth place of Free Comic Book Day!

Posted by Spider-Man

This preview is disturbing.

Posted by Transformers1024

I had very little interest in Futures End and didn't have much intention of picking it up, but after that preview I am officially adding this to my pull list! I'm even happier now that I didn't add Batman Eternal to the list so I have room for this book.

Edited by Nahuel

Holy $#!‡!!

I have to see if I can drop something from my pull to buy this... I can't trade-wait for this book after that preview :O

Posted by Gyardos

This is what I really want, far more better than Marvel titles

Posted by Superbat420

Wy does flash have a grey beard

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18
Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

I'm not intrested into many future superhero things (well apocolypse type futures stuff like DD 50th birthday future is different) this series doesn't seem much different or better getting a very AOU feel from it already especially since like AOU they're just killing everyone because it's a non canon future. I'll give the series a try if not for that art alone that is some amazing art we need more of that DC enough with the same generic art style for every comic and if your going to use only one art style for some stupid reason use that art style not the generic crap your using because that art is breathtaking.

Posted by Gyardos
Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18
Posted by Gyardos


kid? you are not normal. I was a kid 15 years ago :)

Go and read Marvel copies, maybe u will feel better :)