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Preview for Secret Invasion: X-Men #2

Secret Invasion: X-Men #2

Mutants Vs Skrulls, Round 2

Just seems weird that this is the only place the X-Men are involved with the Invasion.  Guess they're too busy in their other books to get involved.  It's a good and bad thing.  It's good that the event isn't interrupting the current stories but it also comes across a little like filler.  Here's the preview courtesy of Marvel.

As the Skrulls consolidate their hold on the West Coast of America, the X-Men's guerilla war enters a new phase. But Nightcrawler is being subverted by a lost Skrull bible, and the Beast's search for a last-ditch anti-Skrull weapon requires one extra ingredient: a Super-Skrull to dissect...

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Posted by Last_Guardian

damn i really wanna see what happens with Nightcrawler and his magic ball lol...