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Preview for Savage Dragon #135

Who reads Savage Dragon?  I used to really like the comic.  I like how Erik Larsen made a deal with himself to continue working on it without missing deadlines, etc.  He's really been serious about it.  That's great that he still cares about his creation.  I do have to admit that I haven't been reading it regularly.  There was a time that I really needed to cut back on the amount of comics I was buying with the constant increase in price.  Then after a while, I felt like I had missed too much to get back into it.  I don't like missing things.  If I miss the first few minutes of a movie, then I won't want to watch it.  Guess I need one of those "jumping on points" that are always popping up.  What I really need is more time to read all the good stuff out there. 

story, art, & cover ERIK LARSEN

32 PAGES, FC, $2.99

The Savage Dragon's quest to find his wife leads him to Seattle where he meets Prism and the Centurions. Dragon's tour of the Image
Universe continues.

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