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Preview for Runaways #1 (Yes, another first issue)

I'm a big fan of Runaways

I'm not a big fan of re-booting a series and giving it a new issue #1.  I understand the reasoning.  It helps attract new readers.  There still is a lot of history with the characters.  Just slapping a number 1 on the cover isn't going to make it easier to follow.  I'm a big fan of Joss Whedon also but I have to say his last few issues were sort of like a train wreck.  Maybe it was the sporadic schedule but I just started losing interest.  That's surprising since I've always enjoyed their adventures. 

A fresh start is good to get that bad feeling out of the way.  I know Terry Moore will do a great job.  He is great at writing character relationships.  Just check out the preview pages courtesy of Marvel and you'll see he's dead on with the way he writes the kids. 

Runaways #1

Runaways #1

Come see the beginning of a whole new Runaways! Comics legend Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) and super-star artist Humberto Ramos (X-MEN, WOLVERINE, SPIDER-MAN) run back to Los Angeles with your favorite teen heroes. But it’s not the same city they left so long ago. The Runaways try to stay off the radar, but the sins of their parents won’t make that possible...

Posted by Holly Cross

I hate to sound as naive as Molly but yeah...Who is Xavin suppose to be?

Posted by G-Man

Kevin Smith.  Chase says "Dude if you could turn me into Jay we'd be clubbin' and the chicks would go wild."  Xavin replies, "Dude, you're already Jay."

Posted by Nice1220

The Marvel digtal comics thing bites, Hard. You have to zoom in like 4 imes to see the words then it wont allowe you to see the other page. Its easyer to just buy the comic. I've followed this series snice the start and I know alot of people who are mad with the way comic has truned out. They describe it as 'Blubbly' and 'Not as cool' and I say yes the way they looked before was better they werent as cartoony but heck I'll live because I love this comic!!!!! GO RUNAWAYS!  And that was Kevin Simth? Huh, werid