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Preview for Brian K Vaughan Logan #2

I know Wolverine is everywhere these days.  Almost as bad as it was in the 90s.  People are getting sick of it.  I do have to say that this is a good series.  I liked the first issue.  Then again, it was written by Brian K. Vaughan.  Look at what he did for Dr. Strange.  I know sort of thing should be taking place in Wolverine: Origins but that title seems to get...distracted at times.  This is nice.  Three issues to tell the tale. 

Exploring an important tale from Wolverine’s past, Marvel’s critically acclaimed new Marvel Knights series continues with Logan #2, from the dream team of Brian K Vaughan (Runaways) and Eduardo Risso! Wolverine has returned to Japan, his memories intact, and has met with a familiar face from his past. But how is this supernatural creature tied to an untold story of Logan’s time in Japan during WW2? And just what was Logan doing in Hiroshima? This issue is also available as Logan #2 (of 3) Black & White Variant, featuring the same thrilling story and Risso’s raw pencils in all their glory!

The critics and fans agree—Logan is a hit, with ComicsBulletin.Com’s David Wallace praising the series for its “satisfyingly rounded and realistically grounded approach.”

IGN.Com’s Daniel Crown awarded Logan an Editor’s Choice award, declaring the first issue “outstanding…a must-have.”

Following in the tradition of Spider-Man: Reign and Silver Surfer: Requiem, the first issue of this hot new limited series has sold out at Diamond (though there may be copies available at the retail level). Please note that Marvel currently has no plans to go back to press on Logan #1.

Don’t miss Logan #2 (of 3), continuing the sold-out series from Vaughan & Risso in two dynamic editions!

LOGAN #2 (of 3) (FEB082269)
Pencils & Cover by EDUARDO RISSO
Colored by DEAN WHITE
Cardstock Cover/Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC—3/13/08, On-Sale—4/2/08