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Preview: ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #13

Quicksilver is reunited with his daughter, Luna...


(W) Peter David (A) Pop Mhan (CA) Jared K. Fletcher, Kris Anka

• Quicksilver is reunited with his daughter, Luna...

• ...But THE INHUMANS are not too happy about it!

• PLUS: could Warlock make a move on Danger?

Rated T+

Item Code: JUL140702In Shops: 9/3/2014SRP: $3.99

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Posted by HushoftheWind

I'd ship em

Posted by J_HickmanIsGod

is this series as good as everyone makes it out to be?!?!?

too many X-titles around to pick and choose the 'right' ones...

Posted by Maddpanda531

@j_hickmanisgod: It's fantastic. The story's have been great, the characters are fun to read, and the art has been gorgeous.

Posted by Perfect 10

crystal better show up seeing as luna is her daughter

Posted by MK5

I haven't read any X-Factor. This issue looks great!

Posted by Fallschirmjager

new artist? i am torn

on one hand the other artist had a very unique style, but sometimes the art was pretty chaotic ...this is more clear but more standard.

also didn't read the text but lol Gambit

I'd ship em

Posted by cdw101

The art has been great................. until now!!!

Posted by Dark_Stranger

Not surprising of Gambit.

One second he's complimenting a beautiful woman, too the next sticking his tongue down their throats and infecting them with his Cajun Mysticism, that'll eventually lead up to a "BOOM!!! Goes the stick of dynamite" moment.

Oh well, better than seeing Havok get his way with her again. Cause at least with Gambit, it's probably just a fling. With Havok, it'll be a sour relationship that'll end at the worst timing possible (another Wedding Day/dumped an left at the alter moment?).

Posted by ShadowPro

of course he kised her he is gambit he is french