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The Ultimates face off against the FEMME FATALES.


(W) Michel Fiffe (A) Giannis Milonogiannis (CA) David Nakayama

• The ALL-NEW ULTIMATES face off with super-powered mercenary crew the FEMME FATALES!

• Is this the end of CLOAK & DAGGER as a couple and a crime fighting duo?

• The team's ultimate nemesis makes his first deadly play and Miles & Co. won't be the same when it hits!

Rated T+

Item Code: JUL140638In Shops: 9/10/2014SRP: $3.99

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Posted by jaybefre

What is this....? What happened to the art...? My eyes... aaarrgghhhh!!!

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

OH HEy GUYS! Look! All new Disappointment #8

Posted by gamiz7

why is spiderman's mask grey?

Posted by kingmezidor7

Bout Freaking Time!

Posted by KidChipotle

So it seems like this book finally has a new artist … only the art might actually be worse now.

OH HEy GUYS! Look! All new Disappointment #8

Laughed my arse off at this

Posted by Blackice709


Edited by tximinoman

OH HEy GUYS! Look! All new Disappointment #8

yeah... it's so sad what they did with this characters, they were such a cool team in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Posted by dgrimm

The cover artist sure does love thigh gap. The one chick must have half a foot between her thighs!

Posted by MrMazz

ooooo man I do not like the color and line work in these previews at all

Posted by GrenadeFlow

I'm in the minority but I like the art. The only thing that I don't like is Spider-Man's mask

Posted by scavengerFist

what is this, a manga crossover??? dang!

Edited by laabitres

yeah im quitting this book

Posted by frozenedge

Jeez is Marvel trying to bury their Ultimate line-up?

Posted by brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

@frozenedge: Yes.

This literally looks like a bad webcomic.