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PREDATORS Screenwriters Take On HE-MAN

But can we talk about Skeletor?

 Tell me of the loneliness of GOOD, He-Man. Is it equal to the loneliness of EVIL? Hm?

Everything you’ve heard about the HE-MAN movie Mattel is trying to make… NONE of it applies anymore. The project’s moved from Warners Bros to Columbia and Mike Finch and Alex Litvak - - the writers behind the upcoming, totally-badass-looking PREDATORS - - will be penning a new script for it. They’re going to have “to serve two masters”,  as it were, and work out material that pleases both the movie studio’s aims for a workable movie and the toy company’s desires for something true to the cartoons ( thanks to THR for the scoop).

It’s going to be hard to top the Dolph Lundgren movie from the 80s for me. I’m sure I’m more than a bit biased since that was one of the earliest movies I ever watched. I’m not going to say it’s a good movie, per se, but I will say that it’s four kinds of entertaining.  And I have no shame saying that Frank Langella’s turn as Skeletor is one of my all-time favorite performances.   He’s so over the top that he makes every other villain that’s been described as over-the-top… well… he makes it look like they can’t even jump over the limbo pole.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this fantastical tour du force, I have some clips below...
== TEASER == 


First off, I’ll say that Skeletor looks like he’s enjoying the sight of He-Man getting flogged a little too much. Maybe he’s even getting a little too excited, if you catch my drift. That aside, I’ll maintain that whatever actor they finally get to play this necromancer is going to have mighty big shoes to fill. While it’s not a one size fits all, as it were,  I more often lean to the thinking that there’s realistic, and there’s interesting, and this is exactly what a supervillain should be. Not subdued and quiet but ferocious, snarling and bombastic.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this April - - available for pre-order now on


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Skeletor should be the most realistic but interesting characters in the film!

Posted by KRYPTON

There was a real life He-man movie? Why do we have movies with characters that we know, but they had a movie that was really bad? Who would be he-man in a real life movie?

Posted by Astroknot

The only thing I thought was wrong with the movie was that there was no Orko in the movie, other than that, a six year old me thought this movie was totally believable .

Posted by NightFang
I want a She-Ra movie!!! "
             You can't have a She-Ra movie without a good He-Man movie.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
She-Ra doesnt need He-Man, He-Man needs She-Ra!
* holds up arm as if there were a power sword in his hand *
Posted by Xion

havent seen this movie in years! It would be interesting too see who can pull off a cool Skeletor :D

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@Xion said:

"havent seen this movie in years! It would be interesting too see who can pull off a cool Skeletor :D "

              I think Johnny Depp or Christian Bale could do it.
He-Man is She-Ra's brother, so you can't rally have She-Ra without tinning-in He-Man 1st. 
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
they already did do He-man. im pretty sure everyone under the sun knows who the guy is.
im sorry but i have decided. She-Ra it will be.
Posted by skaarason

i loved this movie !!!

Posted by Giovanni The Minuteman
@NightFang said:
" Skeletor should be the most realistic but interesting characters in the film! "

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

sorry, went off on a tangent thinking about She-Ra. im sure everyone gets how that goes.
why was Traci Lords at the end of that Skeletor video? 
was i the only one that might of had boy hots for Meg Foster as Evil Lyn in that movie? lol.
and for the question, who could fill the shoes, im sure if your familiar with Satan, then your
also well acquainted with his second cousin Gary Oldman. that would be my pick for the omniversal
threat and classic villain known as Skeletor.

Posted by No_name_here
@CATMANEXE:  Meg Foster definitely had the at hot evil witch queen look. I concur.  "Satan's second cousin". Ha ha ha...
Dude, you're going to C2E2 right?
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
@Tom Pinchuk: 
me? no. im not the Chicago guy here (i think thats where it is?).
i live in MT now, and im heading towards Vegas from here this year.
I so wish i was though.
Posted by simsey

i think it could be a great film do it along the lines of lord of the rings have all the weird good and bad guys dont come to earth and make beast man look stupid and out of place
Posted by welshguy

Ah, good old He-Man. When it was first released in the UK I can remember going along with my family to see it and getting upset because it was full so we saw Bigfoot and the Hendersons instead. Still, Bigfoot and the Hendersons is a film I can watch quite happily whilst He-Man I am content to just watch the clips of Skeletor on youtbe. Frank Langella was freaking awesome as skeletor and however they do this movie its going to be hard to top him. 
Of course, due to a he-man parody on youtube called "skeletor's turd in a box" the whole thing is ruined for me forever

Posted by NightFang
" @NightFang:  they already did do He-man. im pretty sure everyone under the sun knows who the guy is. im sorry but i have decided. She-Ra it will be. "
Only old people and whoever watched the new TV series on CN know who He-man is and that he had a live-action movie. They wan't to make a trilogy and the only way too do that is remake the film.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
sorry but i have to disagree, considering i already did.
you can say it a million times and i will not agree with you.
He-man is a household name.
Posted by EdwardWindsor

All iam saying alan rickman as skelator only way it will be even close to original version.

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@CATMANEXE: but the people need to see how prince adam's(he man) sister (she ra) was taken at birth and lost in the cosmos or else they won't know the connection between the two.
she ra needs he man
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I love He Man sooooo much.
Posted by doordoor123

I hope the movie is more of the current he-man series.
im not gunna lie... okay i am... the old he-man was great. LOL

Posted by mattydeNero

The Alpha and the Omega.  Death and rebirth, and as you die, so will I, be, REBORN!!!!!!!!
Posted by princessadora
" NO!
I want a She-Ra movie!!! "
i want she-ra to have a movie they already made a he-man movie
Posted by Trodorne

Well there was a recent interview with Alex Litvak who written the new predators movie, he said that he can not give the fans what they want. he is going to do to he-man what he did to predators, and make it new and edgy. 
  so the first thing he is going to do away with is get rid of the transformations, their will technically be no he-man only prince adam. no cringer but there will be battle cat. the movie is essentially a war between technology and magic. 
  skeletor is not going to be a floating skull from what Alex had suggested. he plans to make skeletor be a guy with a skeleton face mask.he said he was inspired by Heath ledger from dark knight. 
  but yes he will appease the fans, it will be on eternia, and there will be characters like tri-klops, man-at-arms and teela. he gave us that. but he is basically going to ignore the main canon which exists for the series. 
  now i am not a fan of his work. i really am not. but letting this man tackle one of my childhood heroes just infuriates me, and Alex describing how he is doing the movie is not paying any sort of homage to the series at all. i've seen predators it was trash for me as i loved the original canon of the series. to me he is another Michael bay going out there trying to make a quick dollar off a fan base.

Posted by Kairan1979

So, any news about new He-Man movie?