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Pre-Order The Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow Collectibles & Hot Toys

You know this would look mighty fine added to your collection.

Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles have announced details for the upcoming sixth scale figure based on The Amazing Spider-Man. It's a limited edition release and is set to ship in December. For just over $200 (or $51.25 a month), this figure could be yours when it's released.

The figure will stand at 12" and can be positioned in many poses, something crucial for a Spider-Man figure.

You can find the PRE-ORDER information here. It comes with two heads (one featuring Andrew Garfield's likeness). There will be 30 points of articulation, five pairs of hands, cobwebbing and boots. While you think about it or if you need more convincing, check out these other shots:

Posted by zombietag

severed head :/

Posted by Batcrow

they tried their best to get it accurate, right down (lol) to the man parts...

Posted by InnerVenom123

LMAO at Garfield's severed head.

That is so creepy.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Awesome figure!!

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Andrew Garfield now with battle damage !

Posted by TheBigRedCheese

I think I prefer this one.

Posted by edtie97

Well this what I call a pretty amazing spiderman action figure!

Posted by (((Prodigy)))

Pretty much every other aspect of this film looks very promising BUT I HATE THOSE STUPID SILVER BOOTIES.

Posted by Master_Thief

why is garfield's head blurred out

Posted by Spidey_Guy1

Amazing, Avenging, yet Spectacular at the same time!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Notice how the lines all seem to draw attention to his crotchet? I really hope I'm not the only one who noticed that.
Also. Ah, the severed head of Andrew Garfield!!
I bet he just wishes they had been a tad more flattering.

Posted by The Jeff

the Hot Toys Spider-Man 3 figure was significantly better

Posted by HortonDrawsAWho

I never noticed in the trailers that he has yellow eyes

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

@HortonDrawsAWho: Clearly being bitten by a spider has left poor Peter Parker jaundiced and ill.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

@FoxxFireArt: Well to be fair, even the classic Spider-man outfit basically has a big arrow pointing right at "it".

Posted by ssejllenrad

@TheBigRedCheese said:

I think I prefer this one.


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Amazing Eduardo!

Posted by Om1kron

@Master_Thief said:

why is garfield's head blurred out

probably havent secured the rights to use his likeness yet.