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Potential Hulk Spoilers For Marvel's Phase Two and Three Films

Two big stories could play a major role in Marvel Studios' future films!



Marvel Studios' Phase Two is right around the corner but Latino Review is looking beyond that -- they've got their eyes set on Phase Three. Keep in mind this is technically just a rumor, but it's a very, very interesting one which puts a heavy focus on the character that stole the spotlight in The Avengers... The Hulk!

According to the website, Avengers 2 will have the cinematic equivalent of the Illuminati send Hulk off-planet towards the end of the film or even during the mid-credits sequence. The Illuminati, eh? We know Captain America, Iron Man and Doctor Strange are confirmed, but this leaves a few seats empty. Professor X is clearly off limits since Fox has the rights to the character, but does this mean we'll see Namor, Black Bolt or Black Panther down the road? I hope so! Now, if they're going to shoot him into space that means he's going to do some major damage in the film. Considering how fun the last battle in The Avengers is, that could make for some majorly awesome scenes. While this would certainly be cool to watch, it makes me wonder how this would go about happening since Avengers confirmed (again) that Banner is in control.

If you're a fan of the Hulk, then you know this leads to... Planet Hulk! This would apparently be his own standalone movie in Phase Three. Hulk smashing aliens? Sounds good to me! Then, when all is said and done with the Planet Hulk story, the Green Goliath allegedly heads back to Earth in Avengers 3 ... and as you know, his return can only mean one thing... World War Hulk! That's absolutely something massive enough to span into the solo films, too. Plus, who honestly wouldn't want to see more of movie Hulk battling his peers?

Will this all happen? Only time will tell, but right now it's definitely something very fun to think about! Would you like to see Marvel Studios go down this path or would you rather see different stories?

UPDATE (again)

Joss Whedon has told IGN the rumor is "nonsense."

Mark Ruffalo has also denied the rumor on Twitter, claiming there aren't any current plans for a solo Hulk film.

Source: Latino Review

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Posted by Lvenger

@degraaf: I disagree. The whole reason Hulk has seen a surge in popularity is because of Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of Bruce Banner. To go through with Planet Hulk requires more of a focus on Hulk and this would reduce Ruffalo's role in the film greatly. He doesn't even voice Hulk. So I sincerely doubt Marvel would take go in that direction.

As for the stone man looking like Korg, he's part of a race that showed up in the first appearance of Thor in Journey into Mystery #83 - The Stone Men From Saturn! which was the first appearance of The Mighty Thor. Korg was confirmed to be part of that same race in Planet Hulk and the filmmakers have already said that the stone man is an easter egg to the first Journey Into Mystery rather than a hint to Planet Hulk. Hope that helped!