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Photos Of The Daily Planet in the 'Man Of Steel' Movie Surface

Bringing superheroes back to the city they belong in. What are the chances Superman will have to catch the globe as it falls on the streets below?

It's like an impressionistic, copper Phantom Zone trap.

As somebody from the greater Chicagoland area, I’ll reiterate that I’m still rather sore about how Gotham’s been moved from the Windy City to Pittsburgh for DARK KNIGHT RISES' shooting. I can think of few big blockbuster tentpoles (let alone superhero flicks) where the actual location’s felt as crucial to the feel of the movie. DARK OF THE MOON was some consolation (even if they did double the Chi for seemingly every other major American city, too,) but I’ll take some respite in this spy report from IO9 which seems to confirm that the city’s now playing Metropolis, instead. Interestingly enough, as these photos would evidence, the Chicago Board of Trade’s doubling for the Planet after previously pulling duty as Wayne Tower in the first two BATMAN flicks.

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CBM actually has some photos of the players in action in front of the Board of Trade. If you look real close, you can see Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne as Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Perry White respectively. I speculated that the gobs of leaks off THE AVENGERS and DARK KNIGHT RISES sets may have been a result of film productions being far less common in Pitsburg and Cleveland as opposed to Chicago (so security would have less experience curtailing spies.) The fact that these aren’t as right up in the face of the actors might be evidence to support that crackpot theory.

Peep the pics and discuss...

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I.....I.....I.....I don't know what to discuss.

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@cyberninja said:

I.....I.....I.....I don't know what to discuss.

right, thats how I feel about all these "pictures from set" articles, It's just like"hey, wow, its a sidewalk......and some people", Hey is that!? never mind...its just a janitor"

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One of the reasons I didn't like the Dark Knight was because Gotham didn't look like... Gotham. It looked like chicago. Speaking personally, the city looked better in Batman Begins and that made all the difference. 

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@welshguy: ...... Batman Begins was shot mostly in Chicago to.

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Lamest Superman topic ever. Move on.

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So Chicago is now Metropolis too. Nothing wrong with that, is there? Nice pictures!

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@welshguy: I always viewed Gotham as a Chicago-like city. Between the organized crime and the political corruption, it always seemed like a good choice.
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The daily planet globe looks kinda plain.

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hmm hard to get a feel of what exactly it will look like in the end. Still interesting nonetheless

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In Providence we have one of the buildings that could have inspired to Daily Planet building. Some even call it the Superman building.

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@Kal'smahboi: @Vortex13:

In Batman Begins Gotham had that crazy monorail and the narrows so it felt more like gotham; a fictional place. Hard to put it into words really but the aesthetic felt different. The Dark Knight was just like watching Chicago Code or the Fugitive. Maybe its because I haven't watched the Dark Knight since I saw it in the cinema but I can't quite bring myself to view it again.

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Well, isn't this something.


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Nice :)