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Phoenix Rising?

No way.  I never thought this would happen.  What are they thinking?  This is going to change everything.

Okay, maybe not.  I'm sure we all saw this coming.  But is there more to it than this image is showing us...?



Stay Tuned…

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Posted by curly82

I really hope jean grey will return and believe she will - she must she's the first lady of x-men and despite what others may say she's most powerful female in the marvel universe even without the phoenix. 
Posted by marietta_xmen_jean

I totally agree with curly82!!! I am  a HUGE Jean fan!!!  I really want to see her back again, with or without the Phonex Force... Or it would be great to see her having full controlle of the Phoenix and be good and powerfull forever!!! well that's just my opinion... I'd really want this to happen!!
Posted by Squares

When and where did this happen, exactly?