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Phil Hester's The Anchor #1 REVIEWED

G-Man checks out the first issue of the new series.

Here we go, another new comic series.  In some ways it surprises me when a new series comes out these days.  People seem hesitant to try out 'something new,' especially if they're on a limited budget.  I do feel it's important to be aware of the new books coming out.  If you're not careful, you could be missing out something really cool.  I'm sure you're familiar with the comics that Phil Hester has written.  Through Boom! Studios, Hester has put out a new book, The Anchor, illustrated by Brian Churilla and colored by Matthew Wilson.

This book was released on October 14 but I felt I had to review it.  As I mentioned, it's a tough decision whether or not to pick up a new series with a character you've never heard of before.  Creating something new and trying to sell it really puts the pressure on the writer (and artist).  They don't have the years and years of history that follows the characters on the mainstream/popular books.  
The creative team here is simply a winning package.  Hester has worked on books such as Green Arrow, Irredeemable Ant-Man, The Darkness and his own creation, Firebreather.  The art and colors by Churilla and Wilson help to shape up this new character known as the Anchor.  The obvious comparisons here would be to Hellboy and the works of Jack Kirby.  That doesn't mean this isn't original material.  We do have something new here.  We are seeing a new "world" with lots of questions that will make us want to return for the next issue.
That was probably the only real problem I had with this issue.  We don't have all the answers so part of me found it hard to decide how I actually felt about the character.  We can see he's on a noble mission but we don't know his full history.  While I am excited over what will happen next, part of me feels that this series could almost go in either direction in the next couple issues.  Having read stories written by Hester before, I'm more willing to have faith that we are in safe hands.
Boom! Studios also announced that this first issue has sold out earlier this week.  That doesn't mean you won't be able to find a copy.  I was lucky and found one at my local comic shop yesterday.  Boom! has also announced that a new printing with a negative variant of cover B will be available at the end of November.  Be sure to ask your local comic shop to order you a copy.
Posted by The Sadhu

Good review G-Man. 
I may not actually buy it but I will keep my eye on The Anchor
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Hey G-Man, nice review... Just a note about your videos... For some reason the "Embed Code" is not working... Lately when I post them to other message boards, the video just sits and loads for ever, and this portion of the embed code shows up at the top as text:">
Just thought you might want to know...

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Sounds like a cool ish!

Posted by phoenixguard

Lots of new comics coming out the last few months.

Posted by welshguy

First time I saw the pic I thought "ohh, looks a lot like Hellboy." That is usually enough to grab my attention. Sounds like a good concept and as already established, the art is in a style I love (unlike Kill Audio)

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Inspite of my limited budget i still got this.
Posted by G-Man
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in the day of my birthday was released