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Phil Hester Talks About Rebuilding The Bionic Man With Kevin Smith

More importantly, how will they recreate that famous running sound effects. You know the one I'm talking about...

Back in May we reported the news that Kevin Smith, Phil Hester and Dynamite Entertainment would be bringing us the new and updated adventures of the Six-Million Dollar Man. Starring Lee Majors and running from 1974 to 1978, the show has long held a special place with those that were alive when the show aired on television.

Now that the Bionic Man is getting the Dynamite treatment, it makes perfect sense that Smith and Hester would be involved. If you've been reading the current Green Hornet series from Dynamite, you know what Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau are capable of. Phil has also done amazing things with other characters such as Wonder Woman, Darkness and even Godzilla.

To find out what we could expect from The Bionic Man and why you should read it when issue #1 is released in August, we asked Phil a few questions.

Comic Vine: Obvious question: were you a big fan of the show?

Phil Hester: I'm in that age group that grew up watching the original show. It was pretty rare to see anything even remotely super-heroic on television then, and Steve Austin's adventures were like an oasis. Like anyone my age, it's impossible to do any sort of exercise without making the "nnh-nnh-nnh-nnhh" sound effect under my breath.

== TEASER ==

CV: The comic is said to be based on the television series, how closely will it follow? Is it just the characters and ideas? Do you have room to create your own storylines and other characters?

PH: We're going back to square one and retelling the origin, much like we did with The Green Hornet, and, like in that book, we'll find all the familiar characters and elements, but with a new, Kevin Smith twist. Unlike the show, we have no budgetary limitations, so you'll be seeing a lot more bionic slugfests, exotic locales, and a cast of thousands. It's not an exercise in nostalgia, but a retelling of a modern myth for today's audience.

CV: What type of 'villains' will the Steve Austin go up against?

PH: There's a guy called Hull who's not too fond of civilization as we know it, and he happens to be in Colonel Austin's weight class. He's got Lex Luthor's cunning, the Joker's insanity, and the body of Colossus. Bad, bad guy. We'll meet a greedy Russian industrialist with organized crime at his beck and call, and a guy named Naga who is forced to sew on bits of flesh from his victims to keep his decomposing skin intact.

CV: Has inflation changed the six-million dollar price tag?

PH: Yes. Six-million gets you a hearing aid these days. We do work the name in, though, for you diehards.

CV: The Bionic Woman is set for 2012, we will see Jaime Sommers in this series?

PH: You really want to get spoiled, don't you? Yes! Jaime is on the scene, but not yet bionic.

CV: Sorry, I can't help it. Will we be seeing Steve go up against Bigfoot (like in the series)?

PH: Only time will tell. He's got a new crop of villains to tackle in the first ten issues.

CV: Okay, here's the most important question that fans really need to know, will the duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh...sound FX be used/drawn in the comic?

PH: Everyone must supply their own bionic sound effects when reading. Perhaps we should have a contest of people reading the book and freestyling their best bionic sounds on youtube.

Issue #1 is on sale in August with a $3.99 cover price for 40 pages. You can read the full solicit here.

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Bionic Man is getting his own series. That's awesome.

Posted by CrimsonTempest

*cue Bionic Man sound effects*

Posted by Grim

my bosses boss was named Phil Hester. When i first heard his name in comics talk, i thought he was cool. Turns out he just shares the name....
may look into this. Bionic  (man and woman) has always been an idea i mildly cared about for a while before i ... stopped.

Posted by SpidermanWins

I am so exited for this. He needs a movie ASAP

Edited by maxicere

All projects involving Kevin Smith must be read!!!

Posted by AirDave817

It's been a while since I've seen an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. If I remember right it would be cool to see The Masketrons or some updated version. I remember it was pretty cool that some of the characters were replaced by robots, and the only way to tell was that they left deep imprints in the carpet and snapped pencils when they stepped on them! Duh-duh-dunhhh
Ahhh, good times, good times....

Posted by Decept-O

I want this but my wallet tells me to think again.   
I think the more burning question should have been, "Where will there be a bionic dog?"   
Yes, there was a bionic dog. 

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wants so bad, but just don't know if budget will permit it! Gaaaah!

Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@RedheadedAtrocitus said:
Wants so bad, but just don't know if budget will permit it! Gaaaah!
Posted by karrob
@GreenArrow789 said:
Bionic Man is getting his own series. That's awesome.
Posted by Soldier zero

Well, this might really interesting. I'm not a fan of reboots, but I admit that a franchise llike this needs one. On one hand I think that the old TV serie style should translate pretty well ina comic, but a part of me hopes to see something closer to the book. The original Steve Austin character, from the book Cyborg, was vastly less superheroic than the more famous TV version and a lot darker and edgier, what he lacked in power he made up in ruthlessness and training.

Posted by goldenkey
Posted by damswedon
Posted by Nova`Prime`

I ordered issue one and can't wait to get my hands on it. I always loved watching the Bionic Man as a kid on reruns and this just seems so cool. Another reason I am picking this up is because of Dynamite, everything I get with their logo on it has been nothing short of great to me, so I have high hopes for this. And the way comics are going Marvel and DC both are pushing me to go exclusively Dynamite, I love how they have such a diverse portfolio of characters and genres and they don't have to meld them into the same universe.

Posted by Shadowdoggy

Hell yes! 
The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman are two of my all time favorite shows 
I hope this is good  :)

Posted by Mumbles

meh! been off the kevin smith writing comics train for awhile. think he has lost his writing touch in both movies and books.

Posted by tonis

this is the series I've been waiting all my comic life for. I am so pumped for August :)

They GOTTA get bigfoot in there at some point, his appearances were some of the most epic episodes.

Posted by PowerHerc

I absolutely loved the "Six Million Dollar Man" tv series when I was a kid!

I'll definitely be checking out this comic.

Posted by xanthiss

Holy crap! CABLE never looked so good. :oD

Posted by Ellocobruja

Bigfoot ! 
Those Epic Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman Big Foot cross overs  kicked all kinds of booty.
Edited by NightFang

The Bionic Man & Woman need their own movies.

Posted by Eyz

I'm smelling a market intoxication like they did with Green Hornet...ugh..

Posted by DemonicBlade

@Ellocobruja:Something to look forward for issue #12 of BionicMan

Bionic Man vs. Bigfoot in the 21st century!