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PAWN SHOP Graphic Novel Becomes a Weekly Digital Comixology Release

The critically acclaimed graphic novel gets the digital treatment

The critically acclaimed graphic novel, PAWN SHOP, is getting the digital treatment, starting Wednesday, April 9th. The book, by Joey Esposito and Sean Von Gorman, will be released, in four segments, once a week for 99 cents on Comixology.

Here's the press release with some more info.

Pawn Shop is the interconnected tale of four New York City residents – a widower, a nurse, a punk, and a city employee – whose lives are woven together through the ecosystem of the Big Apple. It’s the story of four lives out of eight million.

“We wanted to try something different for the digital debut of Pawn Shop, and thanks to the folks at comiXology, we could,” Esposito said about the serialized release. “The comiXology Submit program is a game changer, and I’m so glad Pawn Shop could be a part of that family.”

“I am so excited that Pawn Shop is coming to comiXology, the premier digital comic distributor,” added Von Gorman. “It will be fascinating to see how readers react to the story in weekly chapters. The complete volume has way too many feelings to process in one sitting. You need a break between installments.”

Issue #1 is available at this link:

The complete Pawn Shop OGN can be purchased here:

Make sure to check out PAWN SHOP on Comixology today! It's only 99 cents!

Check out a preview!

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Posted by Mucklefluga

This article would never have happened if Joey was still at IGN ;)

Posted by G-Man

@mucklefluga: That's a lie. He was on the podcast while he was still there. Just like I had Ron Richards on when he was at iFanboy.

Also, I have read this book. It's worth checking out.

Posted by darkwingdan

I'm so glad this is available digitally - it's simply fantastic.

Posted by DDangelico

I read this last night...its really solid and worth checking out!