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Our Favorite Things: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

When it comes to Spidey, this is more than the best of both worlds.

 A Spidey for every season.

I’m a mark for alternate reality stories, so a game like SPIDER-MAN: SHATTERED DIMENSIONS gives me more than the best of both worlds. It’s a next-gen platform beat ‘em up that lets you play as Spidey 2099, Spidey Noir, Ultimate symbiote Spidey and regular ol’ Amazing Spidey in their respective universes. This did come out a couple months ago but, let’s get real, a lot of us don’t get big video games like this until we’re gifted them for the holidays, so this is a very timely and festive selection for “Our Favorite Things.” 

Spidey's 50th birthday may be a couple years off, but this very much feels like an anniversary crossover to celebrate five decades of the Wallcrawler's history. Four of the five actors who've ever played Spidey in his cartoons (from fan-favorite Neil Patrick Harris of that MTV show to the dudes who led SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN,  SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and even SPIDER-MAN & HIS AMAZING FRIENDS) are voicing the respective reality-crossed Spider-Men in this. And, with the first Spidey writer Stan Lee narrating the story and the current writer, Dan Slott, handling the script, it'll feel very much feel like playing/experiencing/living every era of the character at the same time . == TEASER ==

I'm big on value and I say, if I can basically get four games in one, it makes the whole deal sweeter than a whole sack of candy canes. Each Spidey's levels are effectively part of a different game, with Noir being a more SPLINTER CELL-style stealth sneaker and 2099 having some absolutely crazy free-fall and cyberpunk flying portions. If you enjoyed Comic Vine’s recent video feature on all the different costumes Spidey’s worn over the years, then you’ll also get a kick out of the certified cornucopia of costumes that can be unlocked - - from 1602 to the Mangaverse and from the Iron Spider to the Scarlet Spider

I know my thumbs are surely going to get all numb and twitchy from too many hours playing this. What about you Comic Vine maniacs?

Tom Pinchuk’s the writer of  HYBRID BASTARDS!  &  UNIMAGINABLE . Order them on Amazon   here  &   here .  Follow him on Twitter:  @tompinchuk

Posted by dondasch

Looks interesting.  I'll give it a try at some point

Posted by jlat89

it was a lot of fun

Posted by Meteorite

I really have been meaning to buy this off eBay.

Posted by duntam

I played it last week on PS3. It's not a perfect game, but it's really good.

Posted by G-Man

We have a few trailers and clips on our video page. Just search Shattered Dimensions. The Creative Director even said Comic Vine was a big help in designing the different costumes in this interview.

Posted by greenenvy

I have yet to get my hands on this game to play it so thanks for bringing it up again it inspired me to get it faster. I did not get it yet because I was waiting for the price to go down but now I have birthday and Christmas money I could purchase it. I was actually close to not getting it some time ago but I heard it got mostly positive outcomes plus Mysterio as the main villain he is one of my favorites there is no I wont play it now. 

Posted by Crimson Eagle

I got this when it came out, any Spidey fanatic should get this. I highly recommend it.
Posted by danhimself

it's probably one of the better Spider-man games...I liked it but there was just something wrong with it that I could never put my finger on

Posted by Neverpraying

One of the few games I got this year, lol.

Posted by Om1kron

Haven't played any spiderman game since the ones for activision. The best part was web slinging and doing flips and all that, until you had to play the game. Then not so fun. However spiderman is TOTALLY BAD ASS in Marvell Ultimate Alliance, overpowered if you ask me and you max out his spider sense ability. 

Edited by antiterra

It's a decent game, but only the Noir dimension offers something truly different. The other three dimensions are basically the same game with different textures, which made the experience increasingly repetitive (especially considering all missions follow the exact same patterns). It's also very button-mashy, but most action games are these days.

Now, it is fun, there's a lot to enjoy for Spidey fans, but a lot more could have been done if the four Spider-Men had been significantly different from each other and if each dimension had introduced gameplay variations. Then again, it's Activision, they're not exactly known for fostering innovation and going the extra mile.

A solid rental, not a full-price purchase (unless you're Spidey's biggest fan).

Posted by spiderguylll

Best Spidey Game EVER....after the first one on PSone

Edited by marvelunivers_deleteme

It could be cool if it was for the psp then the ds 
who agrees

Posted by Theodore

I wanna play this.

Posted by Planewalker

if you skip the vulture boss which i found nearly impossible to beat in the overhaul its is nice game

Posted by spider-man 2996

I would love this but it isn't on any of the consoles I have.
Posted by Marshal Victory

Till its out for pc ...which amazon doesnt show ..ill hold some intrest. Hopefuly pc wount be a poor port with no anti alsing because its from a console.
Posted by mickoreo_LZ

This is on my list, but video games are so damn expensive!

Posted by difficlus
@Theodore said:
" I wanna play this. "
me too...
Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

Sorry guys, gotta disagree here.  After playing about 3 quarters of Shattered Dimensions it is just a repetitive attempt at fan service.  Every level is basically the same design and every boss has the same three stages even when they don't make sense.  I wanted to unlock everything but by the end it was just too much of a chore even on easy.  If your really bored and have nothing else better to do read comics, don't play this game. 

Edited by War Killer

My dad surprised me and bought it for my birthday in October and I loved the game, although I did miss the free roaming aspect we got from previous games featuring the Web-Head, the game was still, dare I say it, amazing! Maybe it's a pointless criticism, but the only universe I DIDN'T like was Noir, not because the story was bad, the boss fights were great,  the stealth parts just got on my nerves big time.
But I loved the rest of the universes, I started out reading books like Ultimates and USM, so of course if you throw that in, I'm going to be excited because I got ever joke and reference the young Spidey made. 2099 was freakin' awesome!!! The whole free falling simply blew me away and I was sad when I finally touched the ground xD Amazing though was by far the best, simply because it's the good ol'Spidey we've all come to know and love over the years, seeing his fight his classic rouges from Kraven to Sandman, even to facing foes like Juggernaut, it was perfect.
But the best part of the game was something that had been lacking in all the others and had been the demand of many fans: The humor. Spidey's jokes in this game, no matter what universe you're playing, had me laughing like crazy! From Amazing Spider-Man's familiar wisecracks, to Ultimate Spidey cracking on Electro to put some pants on, or even to Alchemax stealing the Avengers logo (that one even had my dad cracking up xD)
Overall, this game put Spider-Man back on top in the gaming universe, other than a few issues here and there, this game has been fantatsic and is worth it to any one who feels like put on their web-shooters and going for a spin, trust's a wild ride! ^_^

Posted by guardiandevil801

This is a fun game and a buy.You play as 4 Spider-men and and battle some cool villians from each universe.I loved the voice actors for each a Spider-men because they were great and said some funny jokes.Its fun to play and great gift for the holidays.
Posted by weapon154

It was brilliant, but I had troubled completing the challenges.

Posted by jstarzyk

Just beat it tonight.  It was ALRIGHT.  I liked the open world Spidey games more. 

Posted by The_Martian

Loved this game.

Posted by Blackestnight

The trailer is in the videos section. Looks awesome

Posted by DragonRex1

Personally I'd have had Josh Keaton do Mainstream Spidey's voice and give Rino Romano a Spider-man role... but what can you do?
Posted by Rich-Man

me old man has got it me for christmas! cant wait to play this!
Posted by Eyz

I really loved this game! My favorite since the first 3D Spidey game (PS1/N64/Dreamcast).
I wasn't a big fan of the sandboxes Spider-man movies/Ultimate Spider-man/Web of Shadows games.. I prefer fun structured level designs over a big city you'll explore all of it by 1/4 of the game.
Plus the plot was pretty fun!
Too bad Spider-Ham only had a cameo... He would have been one helluva unlockable character if we could play with him through the previous levels.

Posted by kuma_far

I loved the game, thie final boss was kind of shitty, but the game was incredible! 2099 was my favourite spider-man, but the Deadpool level is funny as hell, when he ask Spider-man if Kitty Pride is hot.....

Posted by CaptainUseless

It's a pretty good game, I'd recommend it. 

Posted by Bluetorch

So are there major differences between the Wii version of the game and the Xbox360/PS3 version (besides video quality)?

Posted by Matt1982

Got the game when it came out.  The Noir Universe is my favorite levels to play.

Posted by CaptainUseless
@Bluetorch said:
" So are there major differences between the Wii version of the game and the Xbox360/PS3 version (besides video quality)? "
I don't think so. Although I may be wrong.
Posted by ProjektGill

I've heard good and bad things about this game, but the awesome 2099 and Noir looks make me really want to give it a rent at least.

Posted by Luthorcrow

Am I the only one that thinks Spiderman 2099 looks like an escapee from Lucho Libre?

Posted by Duncan

The game was awesome. Had almost no problem with it.

Posted by darksoul7th

Hell of a GAme!

Posted by DMC

my brother-in-law got me this game for Christmas (the Wii version), I was never interested in this game and I had my doubts, but this game has turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. IT ROCKS ^_^

Posted by Aniphx

You know, I thought I recognized the voices in this game. ^^

Posted by Noctis

Loved the Noir dimension

Posted by Black_Kn1ght

best Spidey game ever

Posted by Kairan1979

My favorite dimension in Shattered Dimensions was Spider-Man Noir.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

I did not realize this post came out on my birthday!