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Interesting...they are calling back Blade's original costume. I thought Marvel had retconned that out with the last Blade series they had put out. Maybe I am misremembering.

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Blade is awesome. I'm happy to see Marvel is using him more.


That cop's name is Lucas... Like Carl Lucas aka Power Man aka Luke Cage. Maybe that's Luke's Dad--or a retconned Luke.

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Well, there goes any doubt I may have had about Ronin's identity.

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More 1970s Marvel can't be a bad thing.

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There better be a reason for Blade to be in America at this point in time.

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I wonder...How does Blade fit into all this?

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Well I guess he is Ronin

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Is that Shaft or Black Dynamite?

Sorry, I'm just confused by this picture

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looks like black black Dynamite to me.

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The cover is very 70's Blacksploitation. I like it.

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if anyone looks at the review for a mighty avengers book , blade is listed. this book has predominantly black characters . the new ronin is tied to some magic background. and this teaser / spoiler pretty much hit the nail on the head. but hey a team consisting of luke cage, spectrum, blue marvel, iron fist , and blade(plus a couple of kid-vengers) does not sound like a bad book to me!

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This looks to be the shittest Marvel event since age of Ultron. Original sin, a crime story,Really?....Honestly, in MY OPINION, marvel is steering there ship into rocks i just dont like the way there are treating some of there characters and some of the storys they tell are shit. Thats why, i have been cheating on them with DC whom i have grown to Love with the new 52. Pay attention marvel this is how things are done.

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Who's in Mighty Avengers? Luke Cage, Monica Rambeau, and the television cartoon's new White Tiger, Ava Ayala, right? Who else? Is that other guy the guy from X-Statix?

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Well, there goes any doubt I may have had about Ronin's identity.

This, lol.

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i likes it