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Optimus Prime's Top Ten On Letterman

Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken By A Giant Robot.

How did I miss this episode?  Who knew that Optimus Prime took time out of his busy schedule to appear on the David Letterman show?  Here's the Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken By A Giant Robot.  Nice catch by Collider.

Posted by Venom-Hulker_1

Nice. this is terrific, "It was so hot in Central park today, i saw a Squrriell rubbing sunblock on his nuts"

Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime

That was funny. Optimus Prime was always my favorite Transformer since I started likeing Transformers.
Optimus Prime your the man........I mean you are the robot.

Posted by jefprice

Eh it was alright. Very good for Dave though. lol I did Love #1.

Posted by danhimself

thanks for posting this G-Man....I had heard they were doing this but forgot about it yesterday

Posted by Captain13

Number six was hilarious!

Posted by Nahero

number 1 was very funny

Posted by AngelFrost

Omg, that voice.....
sooo attractive ^^

Posted by King Saturn
Thats Pretty Sweet
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

solid. gold.

Posted by No_Name_

Number ten with the Jergens lotion was definitely my favorite

Posted by The_Martian

This made me smile :D

Posted by Sparda

I chuckled.

I think my favourite one was the Sex and The City line. That sounded hilarious coming from Optimus.

Posted by Bruce Vain


Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna
@AngelFrost said:
"Omg, that voice.....sooo attractive ^^"

Yea, lol.
Posted by The Sadhu

Pure awesomeness!

Posted by MrDirector786

That was pretty funny. There are lots of things I'd like to hear spoken by Optimus Prime.

Posted by HaloKing343

That last one was great. I also love the Facebook one.

Posted by crazywolf

That was great. Sounds like Peter Cullen had a lot of fun there.

Posted by Media_Master

Peter Cullen is the man!!!

Edited by Sick_j0k3

I found #2, the one about the rabbi to be kind of odd. Because one time I was on the street and I overheard these crazy guys talking about how the writers left clues hinting that Optimus Prime was Jewish. I started laughing when I heard it, and after seeing this it's kinda weird to hear it again.