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"One Will Die..." In X-Men: Second Coming

What? An X-Men is going to die?!?

Last week we saw the question about who would be leading the X-Men in Second Coming.  The next "event" in the X-Men's world will begin with X-Men: Second Coming written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle with pencils and variant cover by David Finch.   
Today, Marvel has released another promo.  Get ready for this one: 

That's right, an X-Men will be dying.  Could this "one" be one of the three in the "Who Will Lead?" image?  Could this mean that either Cyclops, Emma or Magneto might be dying?  If so, we can assume that it's not Scott since he's being shown standing over an open grave.  With that look of anger on his face, we could assume it's Emma.  I'm not sure how upset he'd be over Magneto dying.  Or perhaps Marvel is simply teasing/fooling us? 
X-Men: Second Coming will be on sale on March 31 for $3.99.  Adi Granov will provide the cover.
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Posted by Buffalo_Squeeze

time to retire Cyke, perhaps?

Posted by MysteriousBlack

Could be a big one. Not concerned though.
Posted by NagolNuff

why would one of them die?

Posted by Chane

Definitley related to the one will lead poster. We'll probably get a third one soon. 

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Interestesting stuff, if it were to be Emma i do hope they don't turn her into the new 'Jean Grey of deaths' wich would be just a really unoriginal and just lame thing to do, Odds on who elce it could be? im not sure but im thinking Charles

Posted by Kurrent

It could be Cable that dies...that would suck but it is a good possibility

Posted by uncanny89

i think now that we have had this promo its going to be cable
Posted by They Killed Cap!

Could it be Cyc? He has shown up in the future though. 
I hope its emma. Never ban a fan. 
But who knows marvel will kill them and bring them back, kill them and bring them back, kill them and bring them back and oh, they will probably kill them again.
Posted by Beatrix

It actually could be Cable… but I guess Cyclops' emo self would be that deeply and personally depressed about any x-person's death to be honest.  
I've gotta say I actually like Cyclops…… just not the way Fraction writes him. Joss Whedon made him remarkably likeable! I think if they keep Cyclops, which I hope they do and think they will, that Marvel should hire a decent writer for one of their flagship comics at least.  
I'm going to hedge my bets and guess: Cable or Iceman… I dunno, maybe he'll play a huge heroic part with these superduperpowers we keep being promised and never delivered?

Posted by danhimself

like everyone else, I'm guessing that it's Cable....the guy's like 100 years old now with all the time traveling that him and Hope did

Edited by cmaprice

It may be Nightcrawler. Apparently they spoiled this in X-Men Legacy?

Posted by Media_Master

"One Will Die"...then 6 months later, "One Will Be Back."

Posted by xerox_kitty

Only ONE will die?  From April's solicitations there seems to be at least one New Mutant to fall in action...
If he's grieving over an open grave, then my money's on Emma.  Which would mean that Jean'll be just around the corner *yawn*

Posted by sandman813

I hope that it's Emma. I could never get to like her and her maniplative ways.
Posted by Fleonix

Well im just going to have to read it and See who its going to be........ But who ever it is going to die its going to have a huge impact.

Posted by Shadow Dancer

I hope it's not Beast.
Posted by Asymmetrical

maybe what he's actually doing is looking into an open grave that he just dug and Magneto's about to throw him in and bury him alive and then take Emma as his second! that would be epic!

Edited by Queen's Halo

If it's Emma, I'm going to be f*****ing pissed off. Hopefully none of the original members( excepted Prof. X he can die) . Also somewhere I read, that one of the New Mutants is going to die during the Second Coming event.

Posted by White Mage

ANOTHER mutant death?  These guys are starting to turn into the Charmed Ones.
Posted by crimsonspider89

A New Mutant during the chase and during the showdown a classic.  I think it will either be Cyke or Cable.

Posted by stu

I hope  Emma die!!  Cyclops is to cool!!!

Posted by Pez85

If a mutant is ACTUALLY going to die, I'm kinda hoping it'd be Magneto. What if the kill shot is meant for Prof X, but Magneto sacrifices himself? Remember when Magneto first arrived on Utopia, Xavier was quite hostile towards him....actually, that's pretty much been their relationship for years. It'd bring things full circle. Starting as friends, and ending as friends. 
Or, I guess, on the flip side, Xavier dies and we get an AoA type scenerio where Magneto takes Xavier's place.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Isn't everyone doing a bit of projecting? How can you tell he's grieving from that shot. He's just standing over a grave. Cover do tend to exaggerate quite a bit. More so when it comes to these event images.
Remember that Hope is the Mutant Messiah. Things hardly ever seem to end well for Messiahs. 
Fraction would have to be one sadistic nut case if he first makes it seem like Emma has betrayed, then traps her in diamond for for a while, then kills her.

Posted by glforthewin

they could kill off magneto. he could sacrifice himself to save mutant kind

Posted by AngelFrost

It won't be Emma!
as if they could kill of the amazing Emma Frost?  ¬¬ pfffft.

Posted by superboy12

I hope there not killing emma. Right now I think there either gonna kill off magneto or cable mostly because cable's series is ending
Posted by EdwardWindsor

if cable dies iam gonna be pissed, the deadpool cable reunion will never happen lol, as for bobby hell no emma i could handle  thou

Posted by bingbangboom

I think that so many X-Men have died and come back down the road that people just laugh at it. If anything, these "deaths" are more retiring the character for a while to tell new stories. Cyclops has been at it for a while and I think his story has been told. Emma being dead would suck, she is still very interesting. I could understand Cable dying though, he seems the more likely considering how long he has been around and is from the future, so bringing him back isn't that hard. If anything we could possibly get a new "younger" Cable, not Nate Gray, coming back in time. I think that would be interesting and would be a different twist in the story of Cable.

Posted by sora_thekey
@FoxxFireArt said:
"Things hardly ever seem to end well for Messiahs."

I was actually thinking the same... It's probably Hope who dies in the end.  
but the Messiah diying is a little too obvious
Posted by Chane

Seeing as people seem to be opting towards Cable - How are sales of Cable's series? 
(Genuine Q, I have no idea)

Posted by warlock360

Wolverine, BAM!

Posted by frogger

Big deal. If its one of the main characters they'll jus comeback from the dead later and if its a minor one it wouldn't make a difference. I love Marvel comics but this somebody going to die never hooks me, because nobody of importance stays dead. When the killed Captian America I couldn't care less because I knew he'll be back leading the Avengers someday. These death story lines are really unoriginal usless Marvel and DC starts sticking to the out comes.
Posted by DH69


Posted by ArachKnight

As Long as it's not Psylocke (again) I will be okay.
Posted by Meteorite

What are the odds that this someone will die, then come back in a few years?

Posted by Grendel

Death means nothing in comics anymore. Quentin Beck, Kraven the Hunter,  Bucky, Jason Todd and of course Norman Osborn have proven the old rules are no longer applicable.

Posted by Tyler Starke

It would be hilarious if Kitty who's about to come back from the dead was killed off again

Edited by DH69
@Tyler Starke said:

"It would be hilarious if Kitty who's about to come back from the dead was killed off again "

i would honestly laugh more at that, than if they killed off storm...and boy would i laugh if they killed off storm.
Posted by PrinceIMC

Colossus (again) because Kitty is coming back and they just can't have those two together for some reason.

Posted by Sylar0

I hope Cyclops dies I mean how would that affect the X-men losing one of the originals but hey they would just probably bring him back like they do with all thee other characters.
Posted by warlock360
@Meteorite said:
" What are the odds that this someone will die, then come back in a few years? "
in comics? 120%
Posted by Stormultt

its either cable or hope.
Posted by CellphoneGirl

I think they might be tricking us.. And that it will be Scott... Even though i won't want him too D:

Posted by rrphillip

 He is pissed because his son Cable died ...
Then again I could be wrong since the two kids he had with Jean in this time line seems to have vanished sometime in the 90ties.

Posted by Mbecks14

"one will die..."

"...only to be resurrected in half a year"
Posted by brythorion12

whoa...what if the ONE to YOU?

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@Buffalo_Squeeze said:
"time to retire Cyke, perhaps? "

one would hope. 
Posted by Britt601

Maybe Scott is thinking that someone will take his place as leader of the X-Men?  Magneto sacrificing himself for mutants...I could see that one.  Emma...well...we'll see. Cable?...Speculations, speculations...
Posted by bingbangboom

I would think that maybe Hope would take over on the Cable series. Another idea is that maybe there will be a "new" Cable that is actually the son of Scott and Emma. How would their son be different and what powers would he have?

Posted by Adam683

I hope its better than the surprise death in Marvels last main event who was that again... oh yeah WASP!