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Olmos Discusses The Final Battlestar Galactica Telefilm

Olmos explains why it won't be what fans expect!

Initially, in a panel interview, Edward James Olmos told fans of Battlestar Galactica that the final made for television film will be what they expect, in that it will be filmed from the perspective of the Cylons . However last week at the Saturn awards, the actor who plays the Admiral William Adama said in an interview with Sci Fi Wire that while it was obvious that the final film, 'The Plan,' would be told from the perspective of the Cylons; what isn't obvious is the plan itself.

"What their plan was, I think that's a big surprise,...Finding out what the plan was and how it was structured and how close they were to completing it...[There is more than] the obvious, which is what was the Cylon perspective,...If they had a plan, what their plan was, what it entailed. I think besides that, [The Plan shows] probably how alike or unlike humans they really are."

Does this sound interesting to you? Battlestar Galactica: The Plan will air this fall on Sci Fi, and a DVD that will include additional footage will be released as well.  What do you guys think? Have you ever read the Battlestar Galactica comic? Do you watch the show? Are you looking forward to seeing 'The Plan'?
Posted by Kurrent

That is going to be awesome! I loved BSG such a great show

Posted by Jamiracles

One of those things I wish I could get into. Its so late in the game at this point and I dont like starting anything without starting at episode 1.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Definately going to watch it, I loved Battlestar and was really disappointed when they decided to end the show. At least they came to a conclusion instead of just pulling the plug.

Posted by Fluke-buddha

Money says there Plan was to unite the races.  Should be a good show.

Posted by danhimself

I can't wait...loved the series and just watched the Caprica movie last week and loved it

Posted by dondasch

Battlestar Galactica was a very enjoyable show and I look forward to the new items coming out.

Posted by Mosedogg

Sounds cool. I can't get enough BSG.

Posted by TGDBatman

BSG is one of the best TV series I've ever been a fan of.  Great series start to finish, and they actually wrapped things up well.  Col. Tigh is by far my favorite, but I liked Gaius Baltar and Romo Lampkin too.