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Olivia Munn As Scarlet Witch In Iron Man 2?

Rumor has it...

Rumor has it...

As the release date of the upcoming Iron Man 2 draws nearer, a lot of speculation about some of the film's details have begun to come up. One of those details in question are what part will G4's Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn, be playing? If you look at the Iron Man 2 IMDB page it lists her as Melina Vostokoff (Iron Maiden). However, rumor has it that the charming G4 hostess will tackle the role of Scarlet Witch in the upcoming film. Now, as I recall Scarlet Witch had a pretty prominent role in The Avengers. If this is true, could Munn be preparing her big transition from being a cable television darling to Hollywood movie actress? If so, does that mean I can have her job? Kidding...

What do you guy think? Do you think it's possible that Munn could play Scarlet Witch? Do you think she has the acting chops? And if so, would you want to see Munn portray Wanda Maximoff in the proposed Avengers film?
Posted by goldenkey

she's a hotty
Posted by Bats

Don't know much about her acting chops....
But she definitely seems like she's got the physicality to play just about any heroine.
Although, I think I see her more as a Spider-Woman than Scarlet Witch.

Posted by thetitan0

bad, bad idea!

Posted by Agm

Ummm wow. 
it would be a great role for her. Not sure if she could pull it off, but we'll see I guess.

Posted by MysterioMaximus

I just can't see her playing anything like the Scarlet Witch. That seems like far too important a role.

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@Bats : I agree. I could see her as Spider-Woman.
Posted by Riezner

That gorgeous woman can do whatever the hell she wants to in my opinion.

Posted by Mutant X

Olivia Munn is awesome.

Posted by Asymmetrical

they're both crazy...
in all honesty though, I have no strong feelings one way or the other, all I know is my gut says maybe

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@aztek the lost: You disgust me. What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?
Posted by NightFang

Hmmm, maybe.

Posted by mrduckluck

I dont think Scarlet witch will be in the movie

Posted by Bio Guyver

This is surprising.

Posted by ManuelPrez

its okay if she get her acting chops better. Shes funny but have to be more natural

Posted by Chane

I don't think Wanda would suit an Iron Man film

Posted by -Vigil-

I think you'd be a great "cable television darling", Babs.

Posted by danhimself

I've never seen her act in anything so I can't really say how I feel about it....I guess I'll have to wait and see

Posted by No_Name_
@Riezner said:
" That gorgeous woman can do whatever the hell she wants to in my opinion. "

Posted by InnerVenom123

Epic fail
Posted by Tyler Starke

I'm just psyched she's in the movie, soooo hot

Posted by jacobyLIVE

Uh...Scarlet Witch is,how you say....NOT ASIAN?! 
This is baad

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Posted by biggkeem89

I love Olivia, and I love the Scarlet Witch. But Olivia Munn as Wanda Maximoff=FAIL of TITANIC PROPORTIONS!! I was hoping her role would be Madame Masque or Bethany Cabe, but as Scarlet Witch, I say, Nay. 
That is all....
Posted by RedK

if Scarlet Witch is going to be in the film they should have some cameo or mention of Quick Silver

Posted by AngelFrost

I'm not familiar with Olivia (: but she doesn't look too bad. I hope Scarlet Witch does appear though.

Posted by Red Rum

How the devil can the filmmakers interweave Marvel Studios'  Avenger movies with Fox's X-Men movies?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I love her on Attack of the Show.
Posted by ree-fullface-cap_nine

psylocke all the way thats her look i would fall in love if she did ^_^
Edited by lostlantern13

It doesn't really make sense to me to have Scarlet Witch in the movie. Especially given the grounded/real feel that the 1st movie had (no magic ringed Mandarin).  
I also think Scarlet Witch is a pretty big role for Munn to jump into. Maybe too big. Again, that's if it were true.
However, I could never complain at seeing more Munn. The day I complain at seeing attractive women will be...well, that'll never happen.

Posted by Mr. Fanboy

If they're going to introduce the Scarlett Witch, it'd be absurd to do it in the Iron Man movies, which are grounded in science (even if its completely absurd science). Having a character that can alter reality in such a movie? It'd be like Superman making a cameo in one of Nolan's Batman movies.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Awesome, and maybe that means she'll also be in the Avengers. :P

Posted by Kurrent

I think she would be a better Wasp than Scarlet Witch but I love Olivia so it really doesnt matter ......LOL

Posted by chalkshark

This woman is not an actress. She's a personality. The relatively obscure co-host of a, sometimes, mildly amusing cable television show. I expect her casting in Iron Man II is akin to the kind of cameo appearances Stan Lee is given to play. She'll have about two minutes of screen time, & then be returned to her little television show. There's absolutely no way in hell that she has a role of any substance, let alone a character who has the potential to be in multiple films. I suspect this rumor was generated by wishful thinking on the part of her fan base.

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

If Olivia Munn gets in this, they should also get Blaire Butler while they are at it! 


She's kinda cross eyed, no?
Edited by warlock360

that picture is freaky... children of the corn inc.

Posted by King Saturn
Olivia Munn is pretty hot ( around a 82 out 100 according to the Peterson Meter ) but her acting ability is more than likely suspect to say the least... 
Posted by crimsonspider89

Oh yeah, she is supposed to be doing a comedy movie before this one come out though. Anyway, would explain why G4 has been trying to promote the other females and hiring other ones now wouldn't it?

Edited by defaultdefaultdefault

Eh? I dont buy it. She doesnt have the ability nor credentials to take on
that large of a role, and I dont see them giving it to her. Ill place my bets 
that she remains Iron Maiden, at best. I also find the source of that rumor
to be highly suspect, especially in calling it confirmation.
has to throw at any haters here as well, that might i remind anyone that Munn was
actually the person who first provided all of us with those wonderful early screen caps of
Iron Man 2 in the first place. so she's enjoying some notoriety, so what! she works in 
Hollywood, thats pretty much what she should be striving for and doing. and really, she
and G4 have given us comic fans and our beloved art much support over the years now.
would one rather have someone in their that thinks comic books are junk?

 Working on Iron Man 2 has been such an amazing experience. Everyone I’ve worked with including Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau have been more than incredible. I can’t talk about the plot or my role per contracts with Marvel. But, I can tell you that the energy on the set is unbelievably creative, supportive and fun. For as hyped up as this film is, you’d think it would be super tense and stressful. But, it’s the exact opposite. Everyone involved working on the film is always high energy and excited to be on set.
- Munn, USAToday

sounds like she's taking it pretty seriously.
Posted by Dane

well I'm a big fan of AOTS and Olivia Munn but I don't see her as Scarlet Witch. Same reason I never saw Jessica Alba as Sue Storm, they don't look alike. Scarlet Witch is obviously Jewish and has long curly hair. Olivia Munn just doesn't have that look.
As others have said, I could totally see her as Spider-Woman though.

Posted by daveydavey
@ree-fullface-cap_nine said:
"psylocke all the way thats her look i would fall in love if she did ^_^ "

Psylocke for sure.Scarlet Witch needs to be a European looking Woman.
Posted by wordchallenge

Unless they are drastically changing who Scarlet Witch is I don't think she would be so great for this part. She needs to be in a role where she can be funny. That's when she's best I think.

Posted by sora_thekey

The role fits her... and sure... 
But isn't the rights of the Scarlet Witch on FOX since she's part of the X-verse?
Posted by crimsonspider89
@sora_thekey:  No, only the X-Men are and she is more of a member of the Avenger verse than anything. I mean, her and Vision were the Avengers couple forever.
Posted by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.

too serious for her
Posted by Ms. Omega

She isnt playing Scarlet Witch she is playing Melina Vostokoff aka Iron Maiden according to

Posted by Emerald Warrior

Hope not.... i mean... ENOUGH with the cameos already!  

Posted by HexThis

Stupid. Wanda's a pretty dramatic role to take on, definitely not for a communications major. 

Posted by ClockworkDrago

she isnt really an actress but if she's just gonna play her as a background character or a cameo that would be cool

Posted by bingbangboom

I honestly doubt this rumor and the website it came from is just bad. I wish that stories like this were not even put as "news" because it isn't. 
Their source, on a website no one really knows, said that she is playing Scarlet Witch and that Stan Lee filmed his Thor cameo on that day. The thing is, if you follow Stan Lee on Twitter, he announced he was doing this. So that part that makes it any sort of "insider exclusive" information, is already known and announced. They try to sneak in a rumor with fact just to make their blatant lie to get more people to click to their site. 
Truth is ComicVine should at least note this in their original story and if they really wanted to, they could start a rumor itself and see how well it can spin out of control. Lets say, Will Smith will be playing Superman in the upcoming Superman Begins movie. 
BTW, I really doubt that Scarlet Witch will be in the Avengers movie because it just doesn't gel with what they are doing right now. They are taking these big guns and a few additional characters into the Avengers. For a sequel, I could see it but not right out of the gate. The other issue is how do they allow "mutants" in the movie if Fox pretty much has a grip on the X-Men license which includes all mutants.

Posted by Yugen

perhaps she could play wasp or spider-woman or ms.marvel cuz they would have to add a quicksilver and magneto as well and it doesent appear that they put mutants in the 1 universe movie franchise. wouldent they have to reboot x-men for them to do that?