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Old School Superhero Movie Round-Up: What's Going On With Zorro, Hercules & The Lone Ranger?

One's going to the future, one's going down to Earth and one's doing some social networking.

If it goes through, just wait for all the jokes about the Ranger's status updates to follow.    

If there’s a club of unofficial comic superheroes, I’d say Hercules, Zorro and the Lone Ranger would most definitely be card-carrying, exclusive-jacket-wearing members. None of them started in comics, per se, but they all might as well have. Thus, I figure any news about movies starring these dudes would be of interest to you Comic Vine maniacs.

Here’s the round up…

  • Zorro’s getting a DARK KNIGHT RETURNS style transplantation in this ZORRO REBORN project that Movie Line says Fox is developing (and what better studio to develop a Zorro movie than Fox? ¿Me equivoco?) Maybe a more apt comparison would be to BOOK OF ELI because this earlier-in-development would be about an all-new hombre - - not Don Diego de la Vega - - who’d ditch the rapiers, whips and do-gooding M.O. for a straight-up revenge story across the waste land == TEASER ==
  • Hercules might be coming to the big screen with X3 director Brett Ratner guiding him. Don’t get confused, though - - this isn’t the Prince of Power who’s pals with Amadeus Cho. Instead, this would be an adaptation of Radical Publishing’s more grounded, intense take on the myths, HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS. Vulture doesn’t have much else to go on, but I expect it’ll be shot on those abstract, digital back-lot that Greek-themed projects demand these day (300,   IMMORTALSCLASH OF THE TITANS, et cetera…)   
  • Lastly, Johnny Depp’s Tonto might have finally found his masked man according to Deadline. SOCIAL NETWORK star and almost-Batman, Armie Hammer, is reportedly in talks to play the Lone Ranger in the eponymous revival Gore Verbinski’s developing. While I’m not that invested in the cowboy with silver bullets, I’ll say that this would be the biggest no-brainer casting, ironically, since Christian Bale became Batman. Just look Hammer, up. Could you get more all-American than that?
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Posted by TheCheeseStabber

i love Lone Ranger

Posted by Iron Apollo

his names armie hammer, are you kidding me, It's actually not bad, but really?

Edited by MrCipher

@Iron Apollo has his name as Armand Douglas Hammer (Armand Hammer). Yes it IS that bad. His parents should be ashamed lol.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Hercules!!! Hercules!!!
Posted by Farley Deering

What about new Phantom film?  What happened to Phantom: Legacy and The Ghost Who Walks?

Posted by stuamerica
@TheCheeseStabber:@Iron Apollo:
According to IMDB, he was named after his great-grandfather.  That makes it understandable as his wikipedia page makes him sound like a rather interesting fellow.  Definitely someone to admire.  The fact you have to look him up kind of lessens the homage, but in family this makes sense.
Posted by TheCheeseStabber
@stuamerica: @Iron Apollo: @Iron Apollo: @MrCipher:   Do you think when ever we buy Baking Soda money goes to him?
Posted by SuperXAsh

Wow... sounds like a buncha shitty ideas. o_o

Posted by papad1992

..... Armand Hammer.... HAHAHAHA!!!!.... *sigh*.... funny name.
Posted by PowerHerc

I love 'em all and would love to see movies about each of them.
Posted by MrCipher
@Farley Deering:
I agree. I'd like to see a new Phantom movie; something big budget and a serious storyline. Good call Farley.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Forget them, what about a new movie for The Shadow? Who's with me?

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy
Lone Ranger Rules!.
Posted by Nova`Prime`

This is actually some of the best movie news this side of Captain America, I have always been a huge Zorro fan, so in that vein its awesome. Lone Ranger has been a long time coming, he's one of the greatest western characters in the history of the genre and Hammer has the look for it and if he was a possible for Batman then he's good enough for the Lone Ranger.

On a side note I am really hoping that Dynamite takes the change to possibly expand on the idea that the Green Hornet is actually a descendant of the Long Ranger.

Posted by NightFang
@Farley Deering: Yeah, I thought the Phantom miniseries that aired on Syfy channel was good and could have been a great start for a movie.

@Doctor!!!!! said:
" Hercules!!! Hercules!!! "
He's not really Hercules unless he goes on killing a rampage and has orgy's with men and women, lol.
Posted by Iron Apollo
 Armand Hammer, nice! Although that makes more sense, but even more hideous. And yes they should feel very ashamed.

Makes more sense that it's a family name, and I wouldn't give him as much crap about it being a lame stage name, but his parents should have picked a different family member to name him after. Or a different way to pay homage. Although you have to give them some credit and it makes it way less douchie, that is up until I read the name again.

 LOL, ARM & HAMMER, good times. And Yes, the money put him through acting school and in circles of influence to get sweet gigs, as well as totally preped him out. Not that i'm jealous or anything.
Posted by Eyz

I'd love a (better) The Phantom movie. That recent straight to dvd doesn't count :/

Oh and some pulp heroes like the Spirit (in a pulpysh style, not Frank Miller's!!!) or the Question would be great on bigger epic features.

Posted by TDK_1997

From these guys I want to see a Zorro movie

Posted by TheMadMonkey

One character that keeps getting surprisingly overlooked is The Avenger (Justice, Inc.).

He's my favorite of all the pulp heroes and has, as far as I know, never been adapted to TV or movies.
Posted by doomsilver

the hercules one might be good, but never heard of lone ranger(at first i thought he was a power ranger) and last time i watched a zorro it was all about romance and humor.

Posted by DoctorTrips

I'm not trying to be a smarmy little prick but technically the Lone Ranger and Zorro don't qualify as superheroes; they're more along the lines of Pulp heroes, one being from the radio and the other from being in a pulp magazine. Sorry I'm a pulp fiction fan and just wanted to throw in my two cents.

@Iron Apollo:
Yeah to think he was going to be playing Batman in the scrapped 2008 Justice League movie.