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Off YOUR Mind: What Job Should Clark Kent Get?

Everyone has opinions. This is the time to share yours.

If you read the news this week or SUPERMAN #13, you've heard the news. Clark Kent no longer works at the Daily Planet. Of course Superman doesn't really need to have a job. He could always crash and keep all this stuff at his Fortress of Solitude. We saw in JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 that Cyborg spends all his time at the Justice League Watchtower so that could be an option as well. There could be several ways for Superman to make money such as searching the oceans for treasure in sunken ships or even going the old Booster Gold route and try getting some endorsements. But because Superman wants to keep his Clark Kent persona, he needs to have an actual job to maintain that lifestyle.

The question this week is, besides being a reporter, what job should Clark Kent get? We saw in ACTION COMICS #11 where he took the job as a firefighter. Should he go back to that profession or is there a better one for his lifestyle. Clark needs to have a job that offers enough leeway so he could take off at a moment's notice to save lives.

Share your thoughts below. Try to be creative. What job could Clark be good at and be able to keep while rushing off to save the world?

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Posted by leokearon

Secret Agent

Posted by Deadcool

Something that shows humilty, I love that in heroes.

I really loved when Peter Parker was a teacher.

Posted by Metric_Outlaw

Some sort of hero maybe. Like fireman or policeman or something.

Posted by Loki2u

Moderator on Comic Vine.

Posted by darth_brendroid

I've been trying to think of something. It's got to be something where he can feel like he's doing something for truth and justice. I've come at a blank. If he's not a reporter, I'm not sure what he could be. I thought detective, but Clark isn't so noir. He'd be investigating things and he'd have the right to do so and he'd be fighting for truth and justice, but it doesn't feel like Clark. Neither does a politician (who would be able to fight for truth and justice, but call me cynical Clark wouldn't lower himself to be a politician and he'd find himself working in different circles to the common people). Clark has these skills for writing though and I feel if he takes anything up he wouldn't want to sacrifice that cultivated talent. Maybe he'd become some kind of political writer, writing books on politics with a socialist bent or something like that. Fighting with words for the common person who can't fight for themselves.

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Duh!! Extreme Home Makeover member he could remodel houses in like a day, lol

Posted by Teerack

I could see Clark as a school teacher, but I'd rather see him doing something more interesting. Something very different then his usual thing. Like maybe becoming a famous model or something.

Posted by Rumble Man


Posted by hollandane

How about if Superman got a job with NASA or something? He could be the one making money and Clark just say he got an inheritance from a family member. Everybody wins.

Posted by mpierce2690

Wayne Enterprises Intern. In the Applied Sciences Division. Batmobile test driver.

But in all seriousness, I'm hoping the rest of the Daily Planet staff rally around Clark and find a way to buy back the Daily Planet (maybe with the help of a certain Gotham billionaire?). Yes, the newspaper industry is dying, but they can still say "if you're going to pick up a paper, it's going to be the Daily Planet!" And I'd love to see them integrate the online news in addition to print news, and social networking services like Twitter (or something akin to the Q-Pad vs. the iPad) and stuff. They should rally around Clark and fight because they believe in reporting the truth. Bring Perry back from the grave and return Lois to the fiery reporter we love her as.

Posted by zackattack529

I wish Superman would permanently do a heel turn, kinda like Hal when he turned into Paralax.

Superman just feels like the John Cena of the DC universe. if he turned into a villain with a great story behind it! man oh man that would be epic!

Posted by sethysquare


Posted by Crackdown

Male stripper. He has the body, and he could rake in hundreds, if not thousands, each night. Besides, that option would allow him to only have to work like.... ten minutes a day, freeing up the rest of the day for heroics.

Posted by darkrider

he can borrow some money from bruce wayne and make his own newspaper

Posted by summerslam1988

A policeman would be a good job for Officer Kent. As long as he doesn't get shot in front of the other cops.

Posted by Outside_85


Posted by Miss_Garrick

The first thought that came into my head was Librarian.

Granted Firefighter or Policeman would be cool, but those are jobs that are time-consuming and Clark wouldn't be able to get away to change easily.

Posted by EdwardWindsor


Posted by Inverno

@Deadcool said:

Something that shows humilty, I love that in heroes.

I really loved when Peter Parker was a teacher.


Posted by Lvenger

Something with humility and flexibility. Maybe a freelance writer.

Posted by Killer_of_trolls

Something requiring heavy lifting.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

a spy.

Posted by War07


Posted by nappystr8

The whole idea of Superman having a job is kind of ridiculous. We all grew up with it, so it makes sense to us, and if he is to have a job The Daily Planet was a great place for him. But seriously, a 9 to 5 is a huge waste of Superman's time. He has so much alien technology that earning wages is not going to be a priority for him. And every minute he is writing an article...or being a fireman? (The stupidest thing I've ever heard). Is a minute that he isn't using his abilities to save someone. I don't know why Lobdell decided to have Clark and The Planet part ways, but I say let Superman be part of the unemployed for awhile.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I always thought that while Lois is now Executive Producer of her own News Show, and I think she could possibly be an anchor like Anderson Cooper, I think Clark could work for her News Program as their Research guy. The Investigative Journalist guy who runs around behind the scenes of the news show getting interviews, finding stories, and collecting information for the News Anchors to talk about on TV. And Jimmy could be a camera man, internet guy, and action type reporter who reports about young kid stuff.

Posted by DeusVult

A doctor would be awesome. He could save peoples lives, and then he could go home and save more lives.

Posted by frochez

I think he'll keep with the news, because that's what he's passionate about. I can't really see him having the time to have such a high-profile job like owning/running a newspaper, though. I think he'll start his own online newspaper (printed news is dying, after all), or maybe become a professional blogger. Either that or go and work for a small, indepentant paper. Whatever he does, it needs to be a form of news reporting where it isn't as censored or controlled by mass media.

Posted by DarthShap

This character development is awful. Basically Superman is just giving up.

Posted by namtabmi

he should be a computer programmer....who would suspect him of being superman then?..

Posted by Aeroman

Private investigator

Posted by jcj145

Honestly I see it as something much simpler. I think he'll become an internet blogger or the like ->

(1) That way he can report anything he wants including the news while giving it the slant he wants. i.e Truth, Justice, and the American way.

(2) It would also give him self determination in regard to his work hours so that he could leave whenever he wants to save the world.

(3) And finally since its a comic, DC would have his blog become super popular and he'd probably receive donations and the like from supporters which he would then use to pay his living expenses.

Just my thoughts but it would see to make sense and fit all the needs & requirements in being a super hero

Posted by jcj145

@frochez: didn't see your post when I made mine but I like your thinking

Posted by MooseyMcMan

He should just be Superman 24/7. Just give up the Clark Kent thing.

Posted by bladewolf

To be a true "man of the people" and "man of steel," I think it'd be kind of cool to see Clark work in a blue-collar factory job, more specifically a steel mill. Could give him a chance to use his super strength (to a degree) in his everyday life. There could also be some good arcs about him arguing with the managers for better conditions for the workers, protecting their jobs, etc.

Posted by vleung628

Pokemon Trainer

Posted by kagato

If he really wants to keep the Clark Kent thing going he could get Bruce Wayne to give him a job, some location specific consultant or sales person that means he has an excuse to be pretty much anywhere in the world at any time. Since they already know each others identities too Bruc would have no issues covering up for him, i mean, he does it for himself and the rest of the Bat family anyway.

Posted by feebadger

Writer at Marvel.

Posted by r3d_rob1n

I think he will raise awareness of big issues on the internet as a blogger, or put out a free lance report somewhere. In the end though, Clark is going to go back to the Daily Planet. This will most likely occur as a leveraged buyout backed by good ole' Brucey.

Posted by Black_Claw

Maybe a policeman or a teacher.

Posted by Lurkero

Superman should not have a regular job. He has the capability to work where ever the world needs him. Having a job limits Superman's ability to help. The Clark Kent thing is seriously old now. I say let it go.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

Superman doesn't need a job, but if needed I would say he should go the freelance/blogger route. Print is dead, right ?

Posted by Hit_Monkey

Stock Broker lol

Posted by BigBDawg

Clark could go into TV and work as a reporter there. :) After all, it worked back before the first Crisis when he did that for WGBS, so maybe do it for somewhere else.

Posted by davidgrantlloyd

Since the firefighter/ Johnny Clark alter ego manifested in Action Comics, it might be cool to see that identity develop a bit more. As far as the journalist occupation goes, he'd obviously have more freedom setting up a blog so, as a reporter, he'd probably be happier going that way,

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

He can get a job on Wayne enterprises.

Posted by herrweis

he should talk to bruce about funding for his own web based news show or tv program.

Posted by neiliusprime

teacher would be pretty cool

Posted by mewmdude77

either teacher or scientist. If he's gonna copy what Peter Parker did, he should get a job like Peter Parker.

Posted by doombot890

clark should work at either shwama king (kebab shop to us brits) or in PR.

Posted by RaptorJesus69

He could go to the Daily Bugle instead.