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Off THEIR Minds: Who Is The Best Clone?

Comic creators are asked who their favorite clone character is.

A couple months ago I asked the question if there were too many clones in comic books. Because you guys had a lot to say on the subject, we decided to ask comic book creators who their favorite clones were. In this next installment of Off THEIR Minds, I asked this question at the Long Beach Comic Convention. Surprisingly, some creators didn't really have a favorite clone. Check out what they had to say. 

Obviously Dustin Nguyen was just jokingly trying to push the character he's been working on so much lately. My favorites are definitely Ben Reilly and X-23.
Do you have a favorite clone? Do you think they're being overused and are a cheap way to create a new character from an existing popular one? Who is the ultimate clone? 
Thanks to Heather for being in the video and sticking blades to my neck.
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Posted by WolfMonkey

It's down to X-23, superboy, and Ben Rielly..
My opinion? i favor Laura. Superboy's kinda cool too.
But still...

Posted by Neverpraying

Power girl has the best clone breasts...
Sorry just had to point that out.

Posted by NightFang

Superboy is the best clone!

Posted by Krakoa
@WolfMonkey said:
" It's down to X-23, superboy, and Ben Rielly.. My opinion? i favor Laura. Superboy's kinda cool too. But still... X-23 "
I draw the same conclusion, only sans Ben Reilly, he was too sloppily executed in my opinion. 
Posted by ccrosby
I agree with it being down to those three-  and X-Force did a great job finishing up the characterization of Laura that started in New X-Men (before that, I absolutely hated her).  Though I can't count out Kon or Ben Reilly-  I grew up with those two being both my Superboy and Spider-Man respectively and since they are two of my favorite characters its a tough choice.  All three of them are great though.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I'm actually with Jimmy Palmiotti on this one. I'm not the biggest clone fan.  He's right, it's such a weak story tool.

 Brianna Diggers
If I had to pick someone. I would say Brianna Diggers. She's sort of a clone. She's a combination of both Gina and Britanny Diggers. Though, she shares a lot similar with her sisters. She's pretty much her own person with personality and quirks.
X-23 is an 'interesting' character, but she was trying to influence the vote here in her favor. The writers have tried different things with her. Not sure she's really been established well, yet.

I do find it interesting how Ben Reilly got all those mentions. Considering he came from a story arc with the most gross overuse of clones in comics, outside of prequel-Star Wars comics.
Note sure if you could count Secret Invasion as a clone story, but close. They were copies who though they were the real deal.
Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Heh, Hush may have been a joke for Bruce, but the new one totally counts~ ^_^

Posted by Band Lone


Posted by weapon154

Ummmm.... Either Ben Reily....or X-23. OR Superboy, they all rose above their clone related status and became fan-favorites, so it really is hard to tell.

Posted by superzero93

hands down Superboy  he is the best clone then it has to be Ben Reily, original Bizzaro and X-23

Posted by aztek_the_lost

"Eff the clones" - Jimmy Palmiotti 
I feel like that should be on a list of greatest quotes somewhere

Posted by karrob
@WolfMonkey said:
" It's down to X-23, superboy, and Ben Rielly.. My opinion? i favor Laura. Superboy's kinda cool too. But still... X-23 "
I agree
Posted by SigersonLTD

Again, I have to ask myself, how'd I miss you guys there? Oh, you didn't stop by the CCAS booth ;) 
I agree with Jim Palmiotti.... 

Posted by Jake Fury

Bizarro am worst clone
Posted by EnSabahNurX

X-23 hands down, been reading her solo series and most of her x-force run and she has become my favorite character which is funny because i kinda hate wolverine(exception, him on x-force) but she's a clone done right 
she has some similarities to wolverine but she varies enough to be her own awesome character 
but she isn't fully established yet I'd say she's about 60-70% fleshed out

Edited by Namor1987

Superboy, X-23, Kaine, Divine, Stryfe, & Madelyne Pryor

Posted by Herx

hmmm, i gotta go with the rest of you and say Superboy, Ben Rielly and X-23. You do sort of forget that their clones of other characters as the act diffarently from their double, which dose sort of rais them from being "just a clone" to being "a clone of <insert hero name> But......"
Posted by comicbikerscott

x-23, madelyne, pryor, superboy is only half of a clone i also like ben reiley
Posted by Vitality

X-23 is the best because she makes the most sense.
Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

I really like the drive behind the concept of X-23, the whole 'where in Logan's life he took a left, this character took a right'  I hope to see her grow as a character more.
That said I hate it being used as a deus ex machina for plot's sake.

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

X-23 Has the best story to back up her existence. She isn't a replacement version of Wolverine; instead, she's something entirely new with a very spy vs spy/sci fi background. It was smart to make her a kid because then Wolverine becomes like a protector a la X-Force.

Posted by MikeDanger

Bizarro is the most iconic
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

X-23, shes been through a lot.

Posted by Roninidas

I am a huge fan of X-23.  I was actually at Wondercon when I picked up the Hard Cover Graphic Novel that complied X-23/ NYX together.  I've been following her ever since. 

Posted by Blindside002

X-23 is one of my favorite characters, so without a doubt in my mine Laura takes to gold here with me.

Posted by superboy12

Superboy, Ben Reilly, and X-23
Edited by NXH

Good answear, Tony. You would not want to get sliced by X-23 
Clones of Jim Lee lol So funny, because it's true :P

Posted by EdwardWindsor

ben riley was my first clone fav , but x23 has come on alot since she first apperred. I'am torn between as a number one choice since i liked each for own reasons.

Posted by Alphaproto

X-23 and who ever cloned X-23 and made her cosplay as herself.
Posted by queenfrost_

Madylene Pryor <3

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

X-23 and Superboy are my favorites, I like Ben Reilly too, but I havent read too much of him.

Posted by chowy

There was also Match, a clone from an other clone

Posted by J1ml33




Posted by Darth Paul

I've always like Ben Reiley the best. Scarlet Spider has a really cool look imo.

Posted by X

I'm such a big Super-Fan so i'm partial to Superboy

Posted by nick7913

The best clone is Ah-nold's clone:

Posted by antiterra

X-23, definitely. In the past few years, she's gained a lot of consistency -- something she lacked in the early days when she went from being a withdrawn, wounded teenager in NYX to an aggressive, feral wolf-child who was kinda lost in the background of the X-Men.

NYX, the two mini-series and the current X-23 ongoing are all very consistent with each other and show a believable and "human" evolution. But then I shouldn't be surprised I like the ongoing so much: Marjorie Liu has never disappointed so far (looking forward to the Black Widow: The Name of the Rose TPB!).

Posted by Decept-O

Superboy.  I was buying his title for some time so if a character that is actually a clone can get me to do that, I have to give him the vote.   
However I agree a little bit with Jimmy Palmiotti but still, there have been good clone characters. 
Posted by fbdarkangel

X-23 all the way! :)

Posted by staceydillon

X-23. duuh. She is a real person, more real then the other clones imo.

Posted by ka385385


Posted by Lvenger

I gotta say it's joint between Conner and Ben Reilly. They became popular for being something other than a clone of Superman or Spider-Man and became fleshed out characters in their own rights

Posted by Theodore

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Like almost everyone else, it's out of X-23 and Superboy, but I also like Spiderwoman from the Ultimate universe.

Posted by Wolverine0628

Also, Madelyne Pryor is interesting, and I like Power Girl, if she counts.
Posted by Bestostero

Superboy is my favorite clone by far!

Posted by GothamRed

ben reilly and superboy, because I will defend to the death that X-23 ISN'T A CLONE, no matter what the writers of her story say

Posted by Joe Venom

CTFU! "F the clones" well said Palmiotti!
but if I had to choose I was always a big fan of Stryfe! the prefect clone of Cable

Posted by PumpkinBomb
@theMockingNoob said:
"John Maddox.  "
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